Going gray...

Started 8 years ago.
  1. Okay, I must say this and I sincerely don't want to offend anyone. To me (at 62) I relate gray hair to grandma's... those in rocking chairs holding their grandchildren and weiener dogs. Today is a different time period. I discussed "going natural" with my hairdresser and she said I would look like my grandmother (not mother). So I trusted her opinion and will color my hair (I do it myself) until you cannot pry the brushes out of my cold, dead hands. Want to make your husband feel like a really old man... go gray. Want to add 20 years to your age... go gray. Come on ladies, yes it is a pain every 3 weeks (for me), but so is getting out of your pj's in the morning. Mark it on your calendar, put on some great music and do your hair! In 45 minutes you'll feel like a new woman when you get out of the shower and don't see snow in your hair. Once you feel so good about how you look, maybe you'll want to get out of the pj's and slippers and enjoy your youth. So that's my advice for the day and as usual, we are at the age where we can take it or leave it. Just give it a try!

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