Body type C or D

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  1. My previous body type was a C but due to medication I have gained roughly 30 lbs. that I am struggling to lose. I now wear a size 16 (normally but sometimes 18) pants. I feel really frumpy in purchasing the larger sizes so have decided to sign up again. Do I stay with the C or go with D since I am on the borderline? Would so appreciate your input!! Thanks! Joyfuljan

  1. Likely, there isn't that much difference. Both are "curvy" body types. I have the same problem, as I can wear as small as a 14M in some clothes, yet need a 2x in some others. You just have to try. I find stores that sell both Misses and Women's lines (in the same item) give me the best selection. Talbots is great for classics. You can almost certainly do "straight" sizes in knit tops, sweaters, etc, but might need to hit the plus for more tailored stuff. And remember, a good seamstress is you friend! Better one pair of GREAT pants you have tailored to fit you than a bunch of so-so ones that look terrible.

  2. Thank you Fuzz for replying and the advice!

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