Body Type Confusion

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  1. I'm hoping to figure out my Body Type without having to pay extra for that service. I think I'm a somewhat overweight "A". Depending on the style I wear a size 8, 10, or 12 in pants and a larger top. Have little waist definition, flat bottom, rounded tummy, and a definite spare tire. My intuition tells me that the "A" advice will not be flattering to me, but I don't see a type that will. Any thoughts on this. All helpful advice is much appreciated.

  1. I am a chubby type A. My hips are proportionate to everything else but my waist is larger than it should be. My shape is really like the letter "H". I haven't found the advice that useful. "Type A can wear any style of pant" did not help. I do look at her advice for Petites as that is more helpful. Hope this helps you decide.

  2. Thanks "poco". I wouldn't have thought of focusing on the advice for Petites since I'm 5'6".

  3. I guess I was suggesting that her advice for my height was more useful than her advice for my "body type".

  4. Without a substantial bottom, I would say not c or d. I was thinking b, but maybe e? Even though you do not wear a plus size, maybe the e advice would be the most helpful. Hmm. I guess my two cents worth is, since knowing your shape could make a big difference to you, let Leslie decide.

  5. You can change your profile without any fee. Maybe try on some of the styles advised for A and evaluate how those look on you. Then try E or B or whatever, until you find the one that flatters you best. To be honest, Leslie evaluated me as an E which didn't work for me at all. Even the sales clerk said the E styles looked horrible on me. I'd suggest taking photos of yourself in the advised styles so you can evaluate pictures of yourself vs. looking in the mirror. I know this works better for me and allows me to be more objective. It helps if you cut off your head in your photos. Really. Definitely makes being objective easier as you don't personalize things as much that way.

  6. I subscribe to the Elegant E group. Even when I lost weight I still didn't identify with any other body type because I am what I fondly call "brick" shape. I don't have much of a waist and I don't have hips or a rear either. From my shoulders to my hips is pretty straight up and down. I am somewhat short waisted with reasonably long legs and a short torso and I have a moderate bust. I considered changing but really the advice for Es suits me best.

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