Shape of my face

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  1. Faith's article about hats, tights and scarves is great ! My dilemma... how do I know the shape of my face? I feel like I can fit into any category. Help!

  1. I once read -- sorry, I don't remember where -- that you can tell the shape of your face by pulling your hair back, looking in the bathroom mirror, and outlining the reflection of your face with lipstick. Then step back and look at what shape you drew. (Of course, when I tried it, I was still confused, because I couldn't tell what shape I'd drawn -- but that just may say something about my drawing skills. :) )

  2. I did the mirror thing a couple of years ago, using a whiteboard marker. I always thought I had a round face but when I stepped back there was a definite oval drawn on the mirror.

  3. Very nice strategy... I will try this method. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. For more information I looked at this website: It asks you a series of questions that lead to a wide range of face shapes. The first question is whether your face is the longer than it is wide. It looks like the round and square faces are pretty equal, while the oval face is longer than wide. It might be worth a look. Best wishes, Lesley

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