Body Type A--Best Styles to Disguise Belly Fat

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  1. Please share the best clothing styles, outfit recipes and accessories to help people disguise their belly fat, i.e. someone is not wide from front view but is thick from side view--for both workplace and informal clothing. Thanks!!!

  1. Hard to believe nobody's posted yet and this has been up for 2 days! What are we? Rarities? I'm as thick as I am wide, believe me, I know what you mean. And yet I do have a vwey defined waist. But you can only see that from front or back view. I worked in a seni-professional office years ago. One day I happened to wear black pants and a white man-tailored shirt. Last thing I wanted to do was to tuck the shirt in. I put on a thin gold belt that one of my DDs had left at my house, and let my shirt-tails fly. And I went to work half-expecting to be sent home. As soon as he saw me, my boss said, "I had no idea a belt could make you look so much slimmer." I don't have any behind to speak of, but apparently the shirt-tail + belt evened everythig out. Since then, whatever I wear, I do something to define my waist. One of my DDs does the same, and she has no waist, and it works for her. It even works for my other DD, who has defined waist, big behind and large bust, but we're all "A"s with poochy tummies.

  2. A structured jacket!

  3. A structured jacket works for me too - a reason to love cool weather. Add a narrow belt under the jacket that matches the color of the top you are wearing underneath. Warm weather: t-shirts made out of a good quality cotton with princess seams plus a hem that comes down at the front (covering the belly) and up at the sides. Any suggestions where to buy those now are welcome as the brand I used to buy doesn't manufacture them anymore. Both of the above: darker tops with lighter colored bottoms. Spanx when occasionally in need of desperate measures. Hold tummy under all circumstances LOL. I never seem to be able to pull of a cardigan successfully. The buttons always pull in the wrong place where the overall fit is otherwise right. Any ideas? By the way to me the new icon for the A-profile does not look broad shouldered at all. That's why I thought I was a B for a while.

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