Aussie SYSters - where do you shop?

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  1. I love Leslie's weekly guides for ideas, but I like to try on clothes so don't buy online. I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and I'm a B body type with limited funds - any ideas?

  1. Hello Tez, I shop at Millers (casual) Target and K-Mart ( for pants and skirts) and Queenspark and Diana Ferrari ( dressier clothing)-Sally-Anne

  2. Hi Tez, I live just outside a smallish rural city so outlets are limited. I try Harris Scarfe, Rockmans, Sussans and occasionally Yeltour when they have a sale. I decided to update this spring and I found some emerald green jeans at Sussans, a nice denim jacket at Millers, an RM Williams check shirt on sale at Allgoods (outdoor store), a striped tee at Rivers Clearance and a light woven front top at K-Mart - in the colours I wanted, and couldn't find elsewhere. I think I went to every womenswear store I could think of over a three week period and the only items I paid full price for were a pair of cobalt blue jeans (Gordon Smith brand), a narrow belt from Rockmans and the denim jacket. I do also buy online from Ezibuy because returns are easy and I know their fit. I also went futher afield last week so I checked out Myer too, but didn't buy as I already had all I needed.

  3. Hi Tez, I am a B too. Do checkout sales like the ones on Birdsnest, when they appear. Last year I picked up 3 dresses for $50, 2 of them $10 each :)However I live in the same area as them, so can go & try on the specials to see if they suit.( They send alot of emails, but their marketing is great & I find we can see what Leslie spoke about in her fashion forecast articles 6 months later...and it gives me ideas of how to put clothes together like Leslie spoke of. I am still abit shaky in the whole wardrobe capsule idea with good basics etc, so I am finding it gives me time to work out what I think I need in the wardrobe & then see if I can justify spending it! lol I also just tend to look at what is on sale, had some great jean buys at Jeans West $18 pair, suited for our shape- but that was a random sighting when I went grocery shopping with the kids. Last week I made my first statement necklace purchase at a local outlet store, again 50% off, and knew that the tones were coming in for spring and summer& also my coloring. I would be keen to hear how you go for summer. I am down in southern NSW- Snowy Mountains region, need some overhaul for summer style... Good luck! Lucinda.

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