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  1. Hello Everyone :-) I was wondering if anyone had any tips for dressing extremely casual for these sport weekends. Since I've gained so much weight the usual shorts and cooler shirts don't look good at all, especially surrounded by a lot of women that are extremely 'fit' :-) I tend to get hot easily but other than that...anyone had any luck with clothes of that nature? Another way to describe it would be the Stay at Home mom casual look. I hope I worded all this ok, I'm just not used to carrying around all this weight (without being pregnant :-))and am fighting hard to lose it but that process obviously is a slow one. Thanks so much everyone!

  1. I am a former soccer mom, and I honestly think this is the hardest look to pull off! There just isn't much clothing to work with! I found the things that made me feel more put-together was accessories- a cute tote bag for the days I was in charge of snacks, and the forgotten socks, etc., wearing jewelry, a bright-colored umbrella for the sun/rain, braiding my hair (something different than usual) or tying a scarf/bandana in team colors around my head. Accessorizing helps take the focus off the body, and it is fun to get creative with things you can change quickly.

  2. I have a couple of gray sporty knit pants with stripes down the sides that I like. Mascara, earrings and a colorful scarf are always good, too.

  3. I actually just always dressed like I normally do: jeans, cute top, accessory, then just changed shoes and jackets as needed for the weather. I always tried to have cute rain boots and raincoats because it's almost always at least drizzling around here from fall through spring. And if you called games for drizzle, they'd never play.

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