What's your best style purchase ever?

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  1. This week it's all about the bargains. Sometimes a 'bargain' really isn't bargain, but sometimes they are the deal of a life time! Share with us the best bargain you ever purchased. (Maybe it was actually something quite expensive, but over time you wore it so much it was a bargain) SHARE YOUR BARGAIN STORY W/ US!


  1. I actually think most everything I have ever bought is a style bargain. I like my clothes and I'm a careful shopper so I have always gotten great deals. So I'll tell you about the one that got away. I shop at Ross a lot and rarely spend more than $29.99 on anything, usually more like $10-20, so I guess $29.99 is kind of an upper-limit in my brain that it's hard for me to cross. Most things I find at Ross fall into those price ranges so it's never been an issue until this one time. I found the most delicious Donna Karan designer suit in a light wool garbardine. It was light grey with very subtle pin-stripes in tan and cream. The suit jacket was a very elegant shape, fitted through the bodice, complementing my B-shape. And the pants were exquisite in a men's wear style. I usually have problems with the waist in pants being too big but these fit me perfectly. The jacket and pants were nicely lined. The workmanship and detail were sublime. The colors, the style, the fit were perfect for me. It was like it was made for me. The problem? It was $129.99. Even though it originally retailed for $650, I just couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger. I went home and kept stewing about it. I never do that. I finally decided that it was too perfect to pass up for that price. Of course, when I went back, it was gone. It would have been an absolute bargain for the price because of all the ways I could have used those pieces both together and with other items already in my wardrobe. I have always regretted not splurging on it.

  2. Since I joined MSP a couple of years ago, I have so many it's hard to choose! But if I had to, I would say my Old Navy cropped denim jacket. I bought it for 35 bucks 9 years ago, and I still wear it at least once a week. Since I live in a mild climate, I really wear it year round. Thank God it's in good condition...I don't know I will do when it finally wears out!

  3. mkramarczuk, Since your climate is so mild...why not add another denim jacket into the mix? How about one in a color or white? I find when the weather warms up here, I enjoy wearing my white denim jacket much more than my light jean jacket. Of course, in the middle of July there are no jackets or sweaters being worn at all. (I'm in Charlotte NC which is pretty hot and humid in the summer). What do you think about adding a colored jacket to your wardrobe?


  4. My MSP membership!

  5. LOL Leslie, I am in Va Bch, so we are practically neighbors! I do have a white denim, and it's in heavy rotation through spring and summer. It just doesn't get worn as often as my blue denim, which I wear all year. Not to mention, it cost 50 dollars, so the CPW is higher!

  6. Using MSP's advice & just being tired of "making do" - I feel much more confident in my clothing fit & look, and think it reflects in how I am taken seriously at work. I'd gotten a position promotion when I changed jobs a couple years back, and my wardrobe did NOT reflect my new responsibilities. For best purchase, I'd have to say... Fashion Bug's "Fit Right" line for jeans & work-pants. Their curvy fit is perfect for my big butt & thighs w/ defined waist! And the price (30) is well within my tolerance, with frequent sales &/or coupons. In the past 18mo or so, I had to upsize my work pants, and couldn't find curvy-fit in my size & colors, even online @ my favorite retailer: JCPenney. I googled, and discovered FB's line. Soo I've gone from 85% JCP to about 85% FB. Looking at the new JCP, more of their Worthington stuff is creeping back into my closet. I used to work at one of their stores pre-revamp, and it's a toss up whose stuff I love more.

  7. *waves at mkramarczuk & Leslie* Woodbridge VA here.

  8. Recently, I've bought a few! But overall, looking back over the years, it may possibly be the skirt I'm wearing right now: a draw-string, elastic-waist, ankle-length cotton summer skirt with an ethnic pattern in beige, dark red, blue, peach and black. I have worn this summer after summer. Last year, I tore the hem on my bike and had it mended: because of the busy pattern, the mend is invisible. Now I tuck the skirt into my underpants, 1950s-Italian-Vespa style, when I mount my bike! This is also a great cover-up at the beach, and can be pulled up over my head for 100 percent coverage when changing in and out of costumes! My sons have used this a a cover-up skirt to put on their bathing shorts! It looks casual at the beach and dressed-up with wedge sandals to work, and can be worn in the evenings, too. It doesn't crumple so can be rolled up and wedged into a suitcase, yet look immediately ready-to-wear. At the beach, I've used it as a pillow... I've owned it for 15 years. Just a pity it's summer weather so rarely here in England ...

  9. I bouight a beautiful bright yellow cardigan at a thrift shop for 2.50. It has elbow sleeves that are ruched up the top. The set in sleeves are kind of gathered before they were sew in. I'm surprised how often i wear it. It goes with almost everything! Perfect for those icy cold stores and restaurants when it's 108 degrees outside. I love that thing! Today, when I volunteer at the freezing hospital, I'll wear a green and cream print skirt (Goodwill) with a cream tank, my wonderful yellow sweater, and some really cool large yellow beads, (thrift shop somewhere). And nude sling back flat sandals. I look so much better now since MSP and re ceive compliments on my "junk store" clothes!

  10. I once got a pair of black dress pants for 25 cents at the thrift store that I have worn for several years now. Not a designer, but a good material. I also got a brand new 2 piece dress for $5.60! I love bargains, but since MSP, I try to not buy so much unless I really need it.

  11. I love this post because its about your outfits and best bargains! They all sound wonderful. Last week I was at the dentist w/ my husband. Both my DH and I had our teeth cleaned. Afterwards they wanted to prep my DH for a crown on a tooth that had cracked. The dental assistant said it would take 45 minutes. She said perhaps I might want to go over to the Goodwill (at the end of the shopping center) and laughed. I didn't go...but I did sound like a plan! Instead I just sat there and flipped through magazines while I waited. I kinda wished I would have gone down to the Goodwill and just looked around. Maybe when my DH gets his permanent crown I'll go w/ him just because I missed out on bargain shopping the first time around. I would have gone looking but I had just purchased a Guess clutch purse the week before :) BTW: This photo of this red short-sleeved cardigan is one I purchased at this particular Goodwill and I LOVE wearing it because it works when I'm not sure what else to wear...


  12. It's probably very sad, but I can't come up with anything like that. I have several purchases that I was really happy with, but nothing that would stand out like this. So, either it's very sad that I can't come up with anything, or I'm very lucky one to have had several. I'm preferring to consider myself lucky.

  13. VAharleygirl ? Waves to VAharleygirl, mkramarczuk & MissusMSP ~ Chesapeake VA here! Maybe we need to consider a forum where ladies living in the same vicinity (100 mile or so radius?) could share "good finds" from area stores...? Increased gas usage would boost the local economies! ;o) Just saying :) Good day to all in MSP Land! Now go purge some unused clothing!

  14. Many years ago I found beautiful jewel-toned velvet cocktail dresses in a discount store. I was just looking, as I knew I couldn't afford such a luxury, and besides, I attended few events that called for them. As I was admiring them, I glanced at the price tag. 5 BUCKS!? Originally $100. Went home with black, green, purple...wore them for years til I grew out of them.

  15. About 3 years ago I bought a pair of black pinstriped pair of pants in a very classic cut at the Sally Ann that I have worn at least once a week since then (well, not in summer!) for $10. They are of good quality and appeared to not have been worn at all when I purchased them. They are holding up with multiple washings as well without any balling in site! I have purchased alot of trendy items for little money over the years at places like Marshalls and TJ Maxx but have found that the quality can be suspect. But for trendy stuff that is totally fine, as you tend to purge this stuff more often. I like getting good quality classic stuff that does not go out of style too fast for cheap. This is what I consider a true bargain. You know, the whole cost per wear thing.

  16. Exercise Classes! I joined a kick box gym about a year-and-half ago. That led to adult gymnastics and the combined effort has enriched my life with more confidence and better posture. My stronger core muscles addressed the back pain so I sleep better at night. The inches I lost helped me decide which clothes to keep and which to toss. Clothes that "almost fit" are no longer allowed in my closet! At 46 I'm more fit and definitely more confident than I was at 26. I pay full price for my membership yet consider it the best "bargain" ever. For about the cost of one pair of fancy shoes a month, I get the best fashion accessory...good health!

  17. I took MSP's Summer trends advice and purchased a pair of strappy, natural colored wedge sandels early in the season. I was picky about the purchase and didn't settle until I found just the right pair. They ended up being an inexpensive buy at Payless shoes! They have become my go-to pair for summer; slacks, jeans, denim skirt, patterned shealth dress, solid dress, shorts. You name it, they go with it! I'm constantly recieving compliments on them, and all my lady relatives are now on the hunt for their own pair.

  18. Ah, I LOVE this post! I mean, who doesn't love a good bargain. After reading this post I found it interesting that each of us has defined it with different items. However, there is one thing in common, a bargain is something that holds VALUE TO US! I agree w/ RareGemma that finding a form of exercise that keeps you healthy makes you feel good about yourself and therefore you want to wear nicer things. I love Princessf's purchase of black pin-striped pants (I too have purchased a pair similar that served me well for YEARS!) I love Baryj1's summer purchase of "go with anything" natural colored wedges...boy I'd say you got your money's worth! Woo Hoo! You are smart ladies and I'm glad you are all my MSP SYSters!

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