what to wear for a job interview

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  1. Hi, I'm currently studying for the position of Assistant in Nursing and will be shortly applying for jobs. I am 163 cm tall, type B (Beautiful Me), long-waisted with short legs, slightly overweight(size 16 in Australian sizes) and am a winter in colouring. It is currently spring in Australia - but it is very hot this year - like summer. Could you suggest something to wear for a job interview as first impressions do matter. Thank you so much and God Bless you all from Kaz

  1. Do you have any base pieces in your wardrobe you are going to try and wear? Is this a business interview or business casual? I googled and found this article. I love what the ladies are wearing in the third photo down. I'm a "B" also but not a winter. But maybe you want a skirt? http://www.fashionshowon.com/business-casual-look-suitable-for-every-moment.html#axzz2esiVfpy7 ~Gwen

  2. Job interviews call for dressing a bit dressier and more business-like than one might be wearing at the job itself. I'd suggest skirt/slacks with a modest top/blouse and a jacket/blazer/cardigan. Colors should be kept relatively neutral. Shoes should be rather neutral as well and not open-toed. I know this sounds boring but it doesn't have to be. You could and should add some touch to show your personality in your accessories. For a winter, black and grey are lovely and striking. Maybe a black bottom and top with a grey topper and then some vibrant jewel tones in your accessories?

  3. Hi Kaz, What state do you live in? I am in north-west Tassie and we've reverted back to winter here. Both Gwen and Judy have made good suggestions (I too like the outfits on the link Gwen gave). Australia tends to be a little more casual than the US and if you are in the tropical northern states I imagine wearing a jacket or cardi will make you swelter. However, you could take it with you and pop it on once in the building where the air conditioning will help. What do you already own that you can wear? Any light black, navy or grey pants or knee length skirts? Or business appropriate dresses, maybe a wrap dress? Do you have any mid heeled shoes in black, nude or other neutral? If you have some base items and put together some outfits, take a few photos and post them here and we'll see what we can suggest to help you look your best. Cheers, Lisa

  4. Hi I live in Northern New South Wales in a little place called Coraki. I own a pair of wide leg black pants suitable for office wear and I also have a grey pencil skirt and I have a nice pair of wedges that look dressy. I'll dress them up and see what I can do.

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