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  1. Hi All, I have posted some pictures of some outfits I have created for an upcoming business meeting. I am having a hard time deicing what to wear with all of the new choices I have. Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated. I will do this in multiple posts since my first attempt seemed to cause an overload. :)


  1. I like outfit No. 2. Either the grey pants or the skirt would be good. Would you be adding any other accessories? What sort of shoes?

  2. I would add some accessories. I'm not sure what, as I am not very good with that area yet. If I wear the grey pants I have some grey/silver flats, and black ballet flats for the skirt. I also have black ridding boots, but not sure how that would look with the skirt on my 5'3" frame. (I don't do heels!) :)

  3. I like the bright pink for because the "V" looks good on you. Just add an accessory. Maybe something like this. http://www.girlzuzaa.com/fuchsia-pink-faux-shell-necklace-and-earrings-set-fashion-jewelry ~Gwen

  4. I liked the black skirt with the fuchsia top. Perhaps add a scarf with black and pink in it, or some sort of necklace. Not that I can ties scarves...I happen to live in the scarf capital of the universe and my scarves always look like colorful, floral nooses.

  5. Riding boots are my favorite style of boot and I think they would look great. I've never bought into the idea that someone shorter needs heels. If you're short, you're short. Heels aren't fooling anybody, LOL. I don't do heels either and think you should go for it. Why not take a photo with them on and share for feedback?

  6. Skirt with v-neck top gets my vote!

  7. You look like you are having fun, good for you! I love the outfit with the white lace, but do not like the grey sticking out in number one. What is your color season?

  8. I am a winter. I have to admit, these aren't great photos. It was late at night after a hot day, and I was in a hurry. Natsuko, I agree with you, I have never been big on scarves, and tend to keep my accessories pretty simple. I love the necklace Gwen suggested, but it wouldn't get here in time.

  9. I love the fuchsia top and black skirt on you! Perfect! Of course being a winter it is one of your colors. Pale pink is not in your colors. It washes me out as well. I have to wear the bright jewel tones.

  10. The fuchsia top with black skirt gets my vote as well. Delicate jewelry and some sassy pumps and you are good to go! If you have some black animal print pumps, I would think those would look great. Don't forget.... less is more. Good luck.

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