Short or Long Waisted

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  1. Leslie's email with tips on how to measure for being short or long waisted have confused me. I'm 5'5" and my legs are super-short for my height. Even petite pants are often too long. From shoulder to crotch, I'm 31". From crotch to floor, I'm 29". I always thought this meant I was long-waisted. Yet using the email formula, I'm 12" from armpit to waist. And 14" from waist to under my bum. Which she says means I'm short-waisted. How is that possible with my short, stumpy legs? If you're short-waisted, aren't you usually long-legged? I'm confused and wonder how this impacts the way I've been choosing my fit and lengths of tops. Or does it? Any insight?

  1. Judy, I had the same confusion. I am taller, but most of my height is in my torso, not my legs. But when I did the measurements from the email, they came out about even. My-mother-my-seamstress -- same person;) -- has always told me I'm long-waisted, and I'm inclined to believe her.

  2. Short or long waisted is completely dependent upon how much space there is between your rib cage and hip bone. If you only have a couple of inches, then you're short waisted. If you have six or more, you're long waisted.

  3. Sorry to hear someone else was confused, Joanna, but I guess I'm glad to have company, LOL. Thanks, valeriex, that is helpful. I am right at 6" so I guess I'm long-waisted after all. Just can't figure out what MSP's measurements are all about. Maybe it doesn't matter but I was concerned that there were some fit/length tips I should be incorporated that I was unaware of. Well, I'll keep doing what I've been doing then and not worry about it.

  4. I remember a friend trying to make a zip-up one-piece pant suit. She was allover short, short from shoulder to waist, and short-legged, but had a large butt area: long from waist to crotch. She gave up on the pant suit. (Perhaps I made her sound bad looking, however she is very beautiful and looks great in the right clothes.)

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