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  1. Hi Leslie - I too like the look of the new website but have found I am unable to "download" the articles. They are no longer in .pdf format. I am following the link from my profile and am able read the articles each week. Is there something I'm not understanding? Thank you! -- Christine

  1. You can save the weekly Style Articles 2 different ways... Go the the article you wish to save and review at a later date. When at the selected article, go to the tool bar and click on ‘BOOKMARKS’ save the link up there. You can even create a “MSP” bookmark folder to save the links together. OR When at the selected article, highlight the page link (in the address bar) and copy the link. Now paste the link on a WORD document. Save the links to all the articles you wish and give your word document a title like “MSP Style Articles”. Either of these ways will allow you to go back and review the past style articles even if they are no longer posted online in your Personal Profile.

  2. Hi Leslie, Please, please, please (insert many more pleases)reconsider the pdf's!!!! I've tried doing as you say saving it in WORD and the formatting is awful! I'm not all that computer savy and I suspect there are other Systers that aren't as well. I would hate to think that this change would ailenate some of your Systers or cause them to unsubscribe! The pdf versions were so much nicer. PLEASE RECONSIDER!!! Thank you.

  3. I am having trouble printing the articles now. I can only fit all the line in if I use the "shrink to fit page" option and then the print size is very small. If i don't use "shrink to fit page" then the last word or two on each line do not fit. has anyone else had this problem? Hoe did you fix it?

  4. Acornqlts: Don't copy and paste the whole article...only save the LINK on a word document so you can go back to that style article at a later date...even after it is no longer posted. You can also print out the article. Margarej...I'm not sure about 'shrink to fit' issue, I'll have to look into that. The reason for the switch is a church group (yes a church group) was passing around my style articles to everyone. There were also a couple of other unscrupulous people that posted them on the internet. These are my intellectual property and they are reserved ONLY for paid members. It is not fair to me or YOU to have others do this! I hope you understand I'm trying to preserve the value I believe my product has. Thanks for your understanding and being SYSter. Leslie

  5. I saved links to Word but clicking on it only brings me to my profile page, not the article (even though I saved the links while in the actual articles). This would be fine as long as the 4 week limit didn't apply to available articles. Bookmarking works so I'll just go with that. Would be nice if articles were just left in an archive on the website rather than needing to be downloaded. Otherwise...LOVE the new website so thank you for all the hard work!

  6. Margarej, try printing in landscape position, at 90%. It has larger print and still fits the whole line.

  7. Thanks Cindy I will try that.

  8. I would appreciate if they were able to all be opened and saved in iBooks on my iPad - only some seem to be in that format right now.

  9. Well Leslie, I can understand why you have changed the download but am very disappointed to not be able to save on my IPad. I was taking my IPad to the store and using it it try on recommended clothes. I no longer can do this since it can't be saved in iBooks now. I only use your site on my IPad not my PC, and loved the usefulness of it, but am now frustrated with the change. I will probably not continue my subscription when it be omens due, so sorry. CC

  10. Leslie, Assuming that saving the links to a word document will still work after the 4 week period, will they still work if I cancel my membership. I have cancelled and then renewed I think 3 times because there is no point in having my membership when I have no money to shop with. I also like the idea of Cscme123 to take an Ipad to the store, it sure would be nice to have the ability to look at these in store. thanks

  11. At the very least, members should be able to see all links for all articles on an MSP website page, available to members only, without having to create their own document to save links in.

  12. I too wish the PDF version was available. I would print out cute outfits to save to a binder and take to the stores with me. I like to have the articles available/saved on my computer as I don't go online that often. Now, when I copy and paste into a word document, the pictures and words run off the right side of the page even on landscape mode. I have to resize all the pictures to get them to fit. It's frustrating when its putzy almost to the point of not being worth the time but I need these hints. I get to work from home now (transcriptionist) so I don't need so many dressy clothes but still need something more than printed t-shirts and shorts. Thanks for all your help Leslie.

  13. Hi, When I log in I am sent to my home page, I cannot even find the article to read, let alone download. Help! I obviously do not understand.

  14. I am in the same boat as joan12. I have been through the website several times trying to figure out how to get the articles to read them, but am lost.

  15. Ismemon, I don't copy and paste before printing. I go to the article or shopping guide page, click on the drop-down menu under FILE, and then PRINT PREVIEW, set it to landscape and 90%, then print. You should be able to see in PRINT PREVIEW how it will look when printed. I have Windows 7, but don't think that will make a difference. joan12 and Cookie, when you are logged in at missussmartypants.com, you will see a gray box at the top, right-hand side of any page. Click on MY ACCOUNT, and you should see your personal information page. Click on "My Personal Profile & Style Articles" near the right-hand side of the page. You should see links for the last 4 weeks. I save the articles and guides by going to the drop-down menu under FILE, and clicking SAVE PAGE AS, then saving it to a folder I have set up.

  16. For those of us who are currently in the middle of winter (southern hemisphere) our choices are only to save or print out articles as your June 2012 equals our December 2012. For the June articles I've copied into Word and spent ages reformatting but now my membership is up for renewal I'm not sure it is worth renewing. Don't get me wrong if the articles were in PDF format still I wouldn't hesitate as I really enjoy them but the combination of being totally out of season AND an incredible nuisance to save (and no choice as they are only up for one month) is making me question my renewal. Please just bring back PDFs. Jacqui (in Auckland, New Zealand)

  17. I feel as many others do. I really prefer the articles in the pdf format. It is very inconvenient to have to make my own file of URLs, and it sounds as if that doesn't work for a lot of people. What happens if we do not continue our membership? Would be still have access to the files? I think this was a very unwise decision on your part.

  18. I have the same problem as Joan12 and cookie, I can no longer find any of the style articles, I did not receive today's Laundry Detergent recipe, or the June 4 article, Fashion Mistakes Women Keep Making"...I receieved a blog with that title, but it was not the style article. help, please?

  19. dorianmerrick, see my post above, to see if that works.

  20. When you see the new article listed, right click on it and select "Save Target as" and it will save the article intact on your computer. When you do this, you will not have the problem you are having when you save it as a Word document, where the page doesn't fit on the Word document. Hope that helps.

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