I think I signed up for the wrong type?

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  1. Hi! I was a member many years ago before I was married. Now I'm married and a new mom, (my daughter is 14 months) still haven't lost the baby weight, but have completely lost my unique style. So I decided to come back! :-) I looked through and chose type D because I've always been heavy in the waist, legs, and thighs, but the suggestions didn't seem right for me. I read through some of the forums and realized that my hips and shoulders are pretty much in proportion and I have a larger bust, so I should be a B or E. If I'm right in between plus and regular sizes, what should I choose? My measurements are mostly a size 16, but I sometimes wear 18. Which would be the better way to go? And how do I change my profile type? Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Becki

  1. Hi, Becki,

    I feel like I'm between a C and a D, and defaulted to D because I am heavier, but I wish I would have gone with C. As you decide, consider which section you buy clothes from. The weekly suggestions for D are always from the plus-size section and as a 16-14, I generally shop in the misses section. I'll get around to changing it one day, though I still use the suggestions for the clothes I do buy. Hope that helps!


  2. Hi Becki. I am an E, and when I was losing weight, I asked MSP when I should change to a B profile. She said when I get to a size 14 or 12. Just contact customer service (link below at "contact us", and they will change it for you.

  3. Thank you, Amanda and Cindy! Your advice helped me know some things to consider. I think I'll go with type E for now. It will be more helpful to me right now to have strategies for disguising the extra weight, and I imagine E will deal with that better than B. Thanks again for the help!

  4. When you ready to change body types, they are great about switching for you. Your unique style will come back no matter what size you are! One of the most elegant women here is a bit large but she dresses with such flair I find myself thinking "why did you think to do that, it looks fantastic!." I would take twenty pound from her if she thru in her skill with scarves.

  5. I'm not sure I agree with the E to B change based on weight. However, it seems to have worked for Cindy27 so maybe it's an individual thing. Due to my weight/size at the time, I was id'd as an E. I was skeptical that the items would work for me as they seemed quite opposite to what usually complimented me. After a few weeks receiving that profile, MSP used a store that had a location in my area. I went there and tried on all the styles that they had in stock. They were horrible on me. I looked like I'd gained 20#, was build like a brick, and my quite broad and square shoulders looked huge, like a football player with their pads on. Even the sales assistant helping me was saying no to them and not trying to sell me on any of them. I switched to a B and these styles have been working just fine for me ever since. Now that I'm a size 10, the only difference is that I can get away with wearing items a bit more form-fitting than when I was a 14/16. Not tight, just a bit more closely fitted. So I suggest trying a profile, then trying on the styles suggested to see if they work for you or not. If not, just switch to a different profile. Oh, and take photos of yourself in the clothes. I always do this before I buy something. Photos give much more accurate feedback than a mirror.

  6. Natsuko, I know what you mean. Elegance is not necessarily related to size. That's exactly the reason I've come back to MSP. I need to figure out again how to dress for my current size. Thanks! Thanks for the advice, Judy. I'll try the E as I'm more 16/18, but I'll definitely be testing and trying to make sure the suggestions are right for me. I know the things I was wearing before don't all seem to look as good as they did, so maybe that's a sign I'm more E now. Taking a photo is a good idea, too! Thanks!

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