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  1. OK I have a question for MSP or anyone who has ordered the EBooks. Seriously, I am not creative, and I need help! Do these books have words of wisdom for specific body types or are they just generalities? Does that make sense? I have gotten some of the emails I thought would be for my body type, but they cover all areas. If I am going to purchase one I need to know if I will get what I need from it. Sonja, Type C Winter, style challenged.

  1. The Style Recipes book is general information for all types, showing how to combine basic pieces of clothing into different outfits. Going by her description for the new Fashionably Fabulous book, it also is general information, made to go along with a Personal Profile (which is where you will get the most specific body type information). Her articles that are included in the Personal Profile membership are mostly general information for everyone, but sometimes do include tips for specific body types.

    Anyone who has bought the new book, correct me if I'm wrong on that.

  2. There are a couple of threads here about this very thing where everal of us give our opinion about the ebook. Personally, I love mine, and I refer to it quite a bit.

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