If you could fill up a vending machine w/ shoes...

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  1. If you could fill up a vending machine with awesome shoes, what types of shoes would you include?


  1. Basically, just flats. In all colors and styles from dressy, pointy-toed skimmers or slingbacks to a wide to more casual, rounded-toe ballerina flats to a wide variety of shoes for outdoor activities, sports, etc., including a bunch of Vibram Five-Fingers in every color. I know, they are hardly fashion-forward but, my goodness, they are the most comfortable things ever invented for feet.

  2. I would put a variety of shoes: pumps, sandals, sneakers, walking shoes, water shoes, wedges, flats, and rain boots...It would be great to run over to vending machine on the day I find my shoes are giving me blisters, and pull out comfy shoes. That would save the day!

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