Super-busty with slender hips: is there a type for me?

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  1. I used to have a MSP membership when I was heavier and a pretty solid E. As I've lost weight, my body shape has changed, and now I don't seem to fit any of the types. A's have my slender hips and flat bum, but small to medium busts. B's have medium to large busts, but curvy hips to match. C's are like my inverse: curvy below the waist and slender above. D's and E's are plus size, which I am not anymore. Where does a girl who has a very large bust (in non-knit fabrics, I have to buy 3-4 sizes up to fit my chest and get things taken in everywhere else, which I rarely do because taking shoulder seams in is frustratingly expensive and the arm holes never end up sitting right anyway), only slight waist definition, slender hips, and a flat backside fit? Are there any other inverted-triangle ladies around?

  1. Hi, I think I might be able to help some. I am also large busted, 34DD, have broad shoulders and a slightly defined waist (mostly because of my shoulders and bust!), with some width from my hip bones, but flat buttocks. I let Leslie determine my type, based on my measurements and her questionaire, and I ended up a B. I think that works for me because most people notice your top half more than your bottom, unless you are quite hippy. I find that peplum tops, shaped jackets, the "V" neck, and a minimizer bra are my best friends. I always have had to purchase a larger top than bottoms, sometimes as much as two sizes different.

  2. Thanks so much for your reply. I ended up going with the B profile, and the suggestions so far have been great for me. :)

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