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  1. After reading last week's article about wearing the correct bra size, I've realized I am one of the 80% that is wearing the (way) wrong size. I've been trying to squeeze myself into DD or DDD cups, when I'm clearly overflowing them. My cup size should actually be a little further up the alphabet, but I'm finding most brick & mortar AND online stores don't sell many bras above a DD or DDD cup size. Has anyone found stores (in-person or online) that have a good selection of quality bras in larger band sizes? I'm interesting in finding both everyday bras and also sports bras, so I'll take suggestions for either or both. Thank you!!

  1. You might look around in your area for a shop that specializes in ladies undergarments. I found a very nice one down in Clear Lake Texas called La DE Da lingerie. They have sizes that go up to an H, I believe, and can special order for you if necessary.Their address and phone number are below. I do not know if they have a website. I hope this helps! 599 W Bay Area Blvd # A Webster, TX 77598 (281) 316-3855 And no, I do not work there or know anyone who does. I went to this shop and was pleased with the selection and service.

  2. I followed a link from the shopping guide this week, and ta-dah! An on-line source for bras of all sorts of different sizes.

  3. Soma stores and carry a variety of band and cup sizes.

  4. Nordstrom has larger bra sizes online--haven't checked in the store, but worth a look. The store is known for good fittings.

  5. I'm with you: I wear a G or H depending on the brand. Where I live, Nordstrom department stores are the gold standard for carrying a broad range of sizes (went there to fit a 30DDD relative). If you are plus-sized, Lane Bryant carries large cup sizes in some of their styles. Note: be careful of deep plunge bras, since large busts tend to be a bit less firm and can literally slide out of the cups. I would definitely avoid places like Fredericks of Hollywood: they may carry the sizes, but IMO they are better for decorating than supporting the bust! Online there are many choices (once you have been fitted somewhere)., Bare essentials website, I think also carries large sizes. There are certain bra lines especially for us well-endowed ladies (Goddess is one). Learn all you can at your fitting, and you're more likely to shop online successfully. For example, most British and European-made bras run a little bit larger in both cup and band than American-made, possibly because of converting from centimeters to inches. That relative i mentioned would wear a 28D or DD in most euro bras. Another option, if you can find a representative, is a custom-fitted bra (not custom-made). Brands include Jeunique, Cameo, Colesce, Figurette; you can go to the company website and search by town, or just google search in your area. Fewer styles, and some of them have a bit of the Playtex-18-hour-bra shape, but they are incredibly supportive, can be VERY comfortable once you're accustomed to the support, come in a huge range of sizes, and last for years (literally). They are fitted (sometimes in stores, sometimes your home, sometimes theirs) by trained bra fitters/saleswomen. I wore them for 10 years (until I moved where I couldn't get them) and had NO back pain or sagging posture. High quality. Hope this helps!

  6. These online stores carry a variety of bras in larger and smaller cup sizes. Linda's and BraSmyth have brick and mortar stores in the NYC area, you can make an appointment to be professionally fitted for the correct size and get great advice about the right bra for your style and size. Sign up for their email newsletters and get info on discounts and sales.

  7. I have the same problem--regular department stores don't carry my size--I currently wear a 34I (yes, that's an "I"--the letter that follows "H". I shop at a local lingerie store (Dianne's in Vancouver, BC). The brand I like is PrimaDonna Bras. They are pricey--no doubt about that--but SO worth it. I wash by hand and hang to dry so they last. I buy the full-cup styles and the shape and support they provide are amazing. Also, I used to have upper back pain and tension headaches--these disappeared when I started wearing these bras! I haven't shopped online because I like help with getting the right fit. For sports bras I LOVE my Enell bra. Don't be put off by the "body-armour" look. It does the job. I can run in total comfort--you look like you're wearing a sports bra--but the support and comfort is worth it. I hope this is helpful to you!

  8. If you go to Nordstroms and ask a sales associate they have the larger size bras in their store room, not enough room on the floor to put everything out is the excuse I heard, but they do carry larger sizes, I've found the same to be true for Macy's. has great bras and larger sizes as well. Good luck!

  9. The above site is for a store in Camp Hill, PA. They have a very wide range of sizes...much bigger than DD or DDD. I'm sure they can help you. Go to the website and check it out.

  10. My favorite go-to for larger sizes and terrific help with fitting is: They helped by phone but also have a great tutorial for fitting. They sent me several styles that fit me perfectly (after too many years of wearing the wrong size because I didn't know where to find bigger bras). And where did I hear about them? Missus Smartypants of course!

  11. I don't have this particular problem, having had a double mastectomy, but I took my daughter to BLYHTE'S in Richmond, VA. All of her adult life, she had been wearing a 40DD. Turns out she should have been wearing a 34FF! She told me, "Mom, it's wonderful! My back doesn't hurt anymore, and my clothes look so much better! Now, it is pricey, but now she can just call them, and they have a file of bras she has tried on that fit, and they will send her one. I have also heard that Nordstom's is good, AND they do mastectomy fittings, which is what I need.

  12. Try True & Co - an online store they ship a selection of bras for you to try at home and you only pay a deposit until you make your selection.

  13. I only buy my bras at Lane Bryant. Unfortunately, I cannot wear any of their other clothing items as they are too large but they ALWAYS have my bra size and if it isn't available in store, you can order in store or online and have the items shipped to the store at no charge. I especially love their back smoothing bra line on your back, adding those awful extra bulges in the elastic area. They also make a fabulous convertible bra that is the best strapless bra I have ever owned. No pulling up MY strapless bra in public!

  14. I hear ya, as I wear as a 32J. I go to Breakout Bras in Greenville, SC. If you live close enough, it's worth it to go for a fitting, but they also sell online through their website (, and they have products listed on Amazon if you prefer to order through them. Measuring is clearly outlined on their website, and exactly like MSP's article on fitting. They usually have the cheapest price for the same products I see at Nordstrom, etc. and they have return customer discounts and excellent customer service. As the other ladies have been saying, UK and European bras are the way to go with larger cups and band sizes, and Breakout Bras has lots of those to choose from. Favorite brands are Goddess, Elomi. They have regular bras, sports bras, and nursing bras (which is even harder to find, and that's how I found them in the first place). Happy hunting!

  15. I recently have found a gold mine for us busty women! not only has a huge selection of bras for the busty, but some of them are pretty and non-minimizing (for those of us who don't want our breats squashed against our chest walls). They also sell bathing suits by bra size! I've been looking for that for years! They have found a new customer in me. I have not had good luck with Nordstrom. Yes, they carry some bras near my size, but here in Seattle they're all minimizers, which I don't want, or come 1/2 way to my chin, which I also don't want, and they're pretty darn ugly. I went to Zovo Lingerie in University Village, had a great fitting, bought two bras, and when I wanted a second of one they had no stock. I found Bare Necessities by googling the name of the bra on the receipt, bought the bra I was seeking, got it very quickly, and am totally happy with it. I am sold!

  16. is a fantastic UK & online shop. (I am a J/K). They are also available in USA now I think.

  17. Thank you so much, my SYSTERS! I was worried there was nowhere to find what I need, and now I have a list of resources that should allow me to be a well-rounded and well-supported woman. You ladies ROCK!

  18. First, I got professionally fitted at a bra shop in Morehead City, NC. (Sorry, but the "mall" lingerie stores did not have properly trained fitters, especially for the larger chested woman!) The store was called "This Cup's For You". The expert bra fitter only had to take one look at me, and she knew what sizes to bring me! (The size may vary a bit, depending on the brand and style of bra.) Anyway, the price of the bra that DID fit me was a LOT more than I'd normally spend, but it fit! It was a "Le Mystere" bra called "Dream Tisha". The straps were wider, so they didn't dig in, and it was a t-shirt bra (that could be worn w/ t-shirts and not have show-through.) A pretty, yet functional one is made by "Simone Perele" and it's called "Andorra". I wear a 38H in it. I had been wearing 38DDD, because that was the largest bra the local department store carried, but ended up being a 38G after I was professionally fit. Now that I know my real size, I can shop online to find better deals. (I am a modest person, so here's a friendly warning about trained bra fitters: They are going to get to the point and find you a bra that works, but they are also going to possibly be hands on! Strange to say it, but when someone else adjusted the straps and specifically told me how to shift things around in the cup, it made things easier!) Besides missussmartypants, the website I found most helpful was It has a lot of articles on what a good fitting bra should be like and how to measure. (Again, if you are trying to fit and measure yourself, you may not be getting the proper numbers. A professional bra fitter can take care of that!) I did a lot of reading before I went for my first fitting, so I knew what to expect.

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