07-09-13 10 Quick Ways to a Style Makeover

July 8, 2013, 4:39 pm by MSP


Think you can't afford a style makeover? Think again. This week at MissusSmartyPants.com you'll get some of the simplest, yet quickest ways you can create your very own 'style makeover". Most women don't even think about these minor, yet very noticeable changes that they can make. Who knew such easy changes could have such a HUGE impact on their appearance? Well, this gal 'MissusSmartyPants' knows and she's sharing them with you!

It all adds up! Most women don't comprehend how small changes in their appearance can add up to make them look so remarkably better. I found this to be the case last weekend when I overheard a conversation in the dressing rooms of a department store. There were these two young gals that were trying to decide what they wanted to buy. They were definitely in search of "bargains" since it sounded like most of the clothing they were trying on was from the discount racks. Their conversation was about getting something CHEAP because they wanted something new to wear. This instant wardrobe 'quick fix' often backfires and ends up as closet clutter--never to be worn again. I thought to myself...wouldn't you rather purchase something you'll enjoy wearing over and over?

If you are finding nothing's looking good on you anymore and you want to improve your style quickly...the style tips from this week's Style Article: "10 Quick Ways to a Style Makeover" will help you. You will get tips for 'tweaking' and renewing your style. It's a lot better than any impulse buy from a discount rack!


Nothing's looking good and you can't decide what to wear????

This week's 10 Instant Makeover Tips will help you!!!!

What happened to you? You’ve been wearing the same clothes and styles for quite awhile...but now they’re beginning to bore even you! You know you must step-up your style game, but when you go shopping you buy MORE of the same! Or perhaps you stand in front of a very full closet, yet can’t find anything to wear. You’ve got the style ‘blahs’ and you know it. It happens to the best of us. All women fall into ruts from time to time. When I start to feel bored and uninspired with what I've been wearing lately...I tell myself it's a good thing. I am actually grateful because by identifying that I'm getting stuck wearing the same 'ol thing; it's a first step towards changing my style. Style is constantly evolving. It never stays put...it changes over time...and that's exactly how our style needs to be...moving forward and always evolving.

When your closet (and daily style) lacks excitement--YOU need to take serious action! This week MSP is giving you 10 new style ideas to help you RENEW YOUR STYLE!


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

Lack of closet and drawer space getting you down? Don't let lack of space create a cluttered mess in your closet! Instead, slowly cull through your clothing racks, shelves and drawers to release the clutter--then organize what's left. How about using some creative ways to store your 'stuff'?!

This week's Style Mission: Store your accessories and clothing--creatively! Here are some fab suggestions of how you can store your clothes and accessories....


Lots of storage in little space:

Use a towel bar to store camisoles, tank tops, scarves and/or even belts....

OR...How about molding from the hardware store to create a shoe rack?


(Below) Use bottle tabs on hangers to hang your accessories with your daily outfit...

OR...Use a spice and mug rack to store jewelry...


More clever, creative ways to store your jewelry....

You've got to SEE it to wear it!!!



How are you creatively storing your clothing and accessories?

Share with us your 'closet clean-out' stories with us and while you are at it...how about a few photos of your clever storage ideas???? Share your clever ideas by emailing us at: missusmsp@yahoo.com


What SYSters are Saying

Dear Leslie,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the knowledge you have imparted to me.  I am so confident as I purchase clothes and put outfits together now.
My closet has been purged, even down to new and almost new Pendleton suits!  As I have lost weight, I fit in to my old (but not worn) wool suits and jackets.  I am even giving them to the Thrift Shop because they are "not my style".  It hurts, but I do realize the difference in how I feel when I am dressed in clothes that flatter my body shape.  Thank you again.
Hugs, Karen


Dear Missus,

I’m so grateful I found your website. What a God send it has been. I just started back to work full time and I desperately needed serious wardrobe updating so the timing was right.

Since I’ve been investing in a new work wardrobe I wanted to be sure I made smart purchases. Since I’ve had your help I’m off to a wonderful start!

I have to say last week’s article was the best! I found it to be invaluable information that I’ll use over and over again. I also created a style journal so I can save this and many of your other weekly postings.

I do have a question for you, can you explain more about skirt length? I liked your pictures showing good and bad lengths but I’m trying to figure my best skirt lengths so I can have a couple of my skirts altered and updated.

Thanks for sharing your talents with women like me who need a style overhaul, LOL! Vicki


Have you created your own book of style inspiration (A Style Control Journal)?

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Dear Vicki,

I love hearing this! MSP is here to offer you weekly style tools to help re-make your style.

There's nothing more energizing than renewing your style with a new and improved look!

The right skirt length is VERY important. Your skirt length creates a noticable horizontal line on your lower body, so where it lands is critical to your overall look.

Look at last week’s article “Instant Style” it explains  what lengths are universally flattering. But if you want to adjust skirts you already have check out my blog posting for calculating your best length: http://missussmartypants.blogspot.com/2010/09/find-your-ideal-skirt-length.html

Getting the right fit in your clothes is one of the 'secrets' to really great style!

Love, Leslie MSP