05-28-13 A Five Minute Face...Fast n' Fabulous Makeup Tips from Faith

May 27, 2013, 3:48 pm by MSP


Got 5 minutes? Yes, I know you're always short on time...but what if I told you it take only 5 minutes each morning to look fabulous all day? I thought so...Yes! It is totally worth it!!!

How would you like to naturally look more beautiful in just 5 minutes? Sounds great, doesn't it? It most certainly can happen each and every morning with this week's 'quick and easy 5 minute face' makeup tips from MSP's Faith!


This week's fast n' fabulous makeup tips from Faith...

Will show you beauty is not about expensive products...rather, it's about using the right products in the right places to enhance your natural beauty!


Our SYSter Faith is going to show you how (and where) to apply just the right amount of makeup to get that natural (yet enhanced) look you want daily. She shows you where to apply the right amount of makeup and shares her favorite brands with you.

From dry desert climates to hot and humid ones...this week's style article is packed full of makeup tips (what to apply where..or what NOT apply) so your makeup last for hours--even in the heat!


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week’s Style Mission is: “Celebrate You and Your Uniqueness”. Concentrate on YOUR style each and every day this week. That’s right, it’s all about YOU!

As women we have a tendency to compare ourselves to others. We always think that style comes easier to other women than it does to us. We see other women with great legs, nice height; pretty hair color and feel they have an “advantage” over us.

This week the focus is on YOU! You are an original and 'p'erfect just the way you are! You deserve to feel pretty (I often tells my ladies this because they need to HEAR it and START BELIEVING)

Focus on what you’ve got and celebrate it. Don’t even look at other women—only think about what you are wearing and how you’ll create your best look.

As FlyLady says, “Wear clothes that make you feel like a million bucks”. Her advice is spot-on! What will you wear to feel pretty? Perhaps a shirt that fits you nicely (finally, have one altered) or a pretty new lip color that makes your smile brighter or a “fab” pair of earrings that add a pop of color.


Celebrate YOU! And soon you will begin to feel more confident about your yourself and your style!

Love, Leslie MSP

P. S. Not every weekly Style Mission is about buying something new. Improving and changing your style has a lot to do with what’s between your ears. Your positive “can do” attitude can make great things happen.

P.S.S. The extra attention to your style this week and dressing for your body type. takes extra effort on your part—but it’s sooo worth it! 

P.S.S. Don't forget it helps to plan (and set out) your outfits the night before!


What SYSters are Saying

3 Compliments! Yay for me!

I am new to Missussmartypants and I was using the guide for my body type on my day off and using some of the suggestions from her felt great and I was complimented on how nice I looked from three different people. I hadn't had that in quite a few years and boy did it feel good...scary a little but good! Thank you MissusSmartyPants for all you do!!! Patti


From the MSP Style Forum..."I'm 50 yrs old and..."

Dear SYSter I have the same problem! Sweater sets work great. I have them in lots of my Winter colors. Plus, I very frequently wear a sweater color that matches the color of my pants (black or navy, in my case). There are 3/4 sleeve and short sleeve sweaters in summery fabrics, even if the color is black. I have improved on this concept greatly by following MSP by wearing v-neck cardigans (and tops) because of a large bust and petites because of my height. Following these guidelines has greatly improved on the look. Adding accessories based on MSP inspirations has helped a lot, too, making the outfits look pulled-together. I've even started getting compliments on my fashion style. This is really foreign to me because until starting to read MSP, I've been pretty much oblivious to fashion. Good luck! I hope this helps! One more thing - I learned that the tops I had been wearing were too loose. The body-skimming style tops like MSP recommends help to create a more shapely look (while the tire is mainly hidden by the sweaters).

This week's newsletter/style article was THE BEST ever! It really was helpful because of all the examples you pulled together. Thanks! Judy


Thanks Judy! Last week's Style Article "The 'Go-to' Outfit Guide for Summer will remain posted in all 5 Personal Profiles for the next 4 weeks! It is a really great way to SEE how to put together that 'pulled together' look we all want!

Love, Leslie MSP


Not everyone brings me flowers...


Your style blog has been helpful for me but it's also been the source of more negative tapes going around in my head. Should I keep subscribing or should I cancel? I was actually thinking about it as I went for an evening walk tonite. In the end I decided that I could deal with the condescending tone that appears on a regular basis and would just try to not let it get under my skin. But I got home and read your latest entry and I'm about ready to reconsider the wisdom of my decision.

"On my night out, I noticed many ladies looking like they didn't know what to wear for going out..." Yes, well, that would be me, I'm sure. And that - despite having subscribed to your blog for 2 years now. I'm happy you felt so great in your soft, pink kitten heels and everything else, but that is a look I can't pull off due primarily to footwear issues. Reading about your success with it, and your pity/scorn for the ladies around you, makes it that much more difficult for me to even want to try. When you cheer your subscribers on while berating the ladies around you, I want to just click "cancel" right now. I might have been one of those ladies. Who knows? Seriously, I'm all for the kind of practical help you're marketing here. But I'm not going to keep subjecting myself to this kind of subtle taunting tone much longer.  Adelle


Dear Leslie,

After hearing your BTR last show, I was distressed by the comments of the MSP member who planned to leave. I've got to wear orthopedic-friendly (which usually aren't fashion-forward! ) shoes and can't wear jeans - because I'd have to give up going to the bathroom (long story involving my twisted pelvis - TRULY a "twisted SYSter!).

But what you have added to my life through the education you've given us on classic style, flattering colors and accessorizing has more than made up for those problems of mine. With a little makeup, the right colors, and a very few, well-chosen accessories on any given day, life is SO much better! It's like a wardrobe-based natural antidepressant, so a big THANK YOU! from me for all you do for us! What you offer is undeniably life-enhancing. Love, S.A.


Dear SYSters,

Whenever I get a negative email...I tend to take it personally. After all, I've given it my all (day in and day out) for the last 8 years. My goal is to help every woman feel she does matter and that she IS pretty and I'm ready to help her believe it is so!

Each week, I come to you as your personal cheerleader, your cyber-stylist, as a fellow woman ready to assist you on your style journey in any way possible. I share the lastest "can-do" and affordable style tips based on your body type, help you understand the basics of body proportion in real practical ways and show off some of my own "Sassy Style" moments, etc. It is not only an inexpensive way to improve your style...it's meant to be FUN! Yes, girls just wanna have FUN!

When I'm told I've been 'condescending or taunting" in my tone. It hurts and makes me feel sad. This is everything MissusSmartyPants is NOT! After deep thought (and a good night's rest)...I realize I can't possibly have the style answer for everybody. I remember, Marla Cilley once said to me (years ago) this quote right at a time when I needed to hear it most..."When the student is ready the teacher will appear". She's spot on! So, my dear SYSters, please be my SYSter in Style ONLY if it's a positive experience for you. It's all about you...and I believe YOU are beautiful. Join me.

Love, Leslie MSP


P.S. I'd like to leave you with one more quote that is dear to my heart. I'd like to dedicate this quote to the woman above (S.A.) because she certainly has some difficult physical challenges yet she knows she's beautiful (inside and out)...


Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else ~ Judy Garland