9-7-2023 Do These 3 Things Every Time You Dress

September 7, 2023, 2:04 pm by MSP


Want to look taller, thinner and more stylish? Most of us will answer an resounding, “Yes, of course!” 


Here are 3 “rules” to use every time you dress...


  1. Wear a standout color! We are so quick to grab anything black because “black is so slimming”. Think again. A bold monochromatic outfit can be just as slimming. Just be sure to get the fit “body skimming”. Your style will totally rock because you’ll wearing a standout color in a sea of black!


  1. Add the right heels. Even a slight heel elongates the legs which makes you look taller and slimmer. Of course comfort is paramount. Look for platform and wedge styled shoes with practical heel heights you can easily walk in.


  1. Play up the positives. I’m an eternal optimist and that means the glass is always half full! This is the type of attitude you want when dressing every morning. No one knows your body better than you...so play up your best features! If you have a defined waist, highlight it with a fab python-printed belt. Got great legs? Show ‘em off with skirts at the knee or right above. Even you collar bones or lower arms can be a highlight area.