2-2-2023 Letting Go...

February 2, 2023, 1:22 pm by MSP


Hi Leslie.  I haven’t subscribed for about 3-4 years. During Covid I enjoyed purchasing new clothes. I’m 82, but am anything but frumpy. 

Friends compliment me a lot on how I look and dress since I enjoy my SPRING SEASON LOOK, and try out current styles that are age appropriate including shoes, jewelry, makeup and hair style and color. I am a happy temperament and have faith in God and Jesus. I am blessed with a wonderful husband. We’ve been married 58 years. 

These 10 questions are so helpful to get me through purging my full closet. The advice about mixing up items in my closet is extremely helpful. I just hope I can be courageous enough to weed out old non-fitting clothes. I have gained so much weight thru Covid I am tempted to pretend I’ll lose it, even though I’ve tried unsuccessfully. 
Please give me advice for this season of life to shrink my closet!!!  ( since other shrinking isn’t possible!!!  Ha!)
Linda (an "old" subscriber)
Houston Texas
Dear Linda,
It's hard to let go. Realize you have been blessed to acquire such a vast wardrobe in the first place. The next thing to do is to be brave. Let go of what you are not wearing.
In reality, there is no need to "store" clothes in your closet. Instead, you can share love by giving away good items to charity. In return, you'll find fullness in your heart knowing your clothes are now be worn.
While these 10 questions are helpful, it sounds like you are looking for an excuse to keep the clothes, even though they no longer fit. If and when you do lose weight, more than likely you won't wear those clothes you've been hanging on to for so long. You'll buy something new.
I love hearing how you have developed a fab style since being a MSP SYSter! Keep on rockin' your style!
Love, Leslie MSP
P.S. I think this saying below will help you finally release what you are holding on to: