12-27-2012 THIS WEEK: Out With the Old, In With the New

December 27, 2022, 8:26 am by MSP


It's the final week of 2022! And I say, "Let's celebrate the closing of this year and the start of the new one". What better way than a fresh start in our closet.  "Out with the old and in with the new"!



There's no better way to ring in the new year than with an organized closet. However, if your closet is full of clutter; a clean closet will certainly not happen overnight. You've got to take decluttering in small bite-size (doable) steps. However, before we declutter-the real question is...HOW DID THE CLUTTER GET IN OUR CLOSET IN THE FIRST PLACE?!?

STOP! Think about what's inside your closet right now. I'm sure there is a small handful of items you wear on a regular basis, but what are rest of the items hanging in there? Perhaps you are holding on to old jeans you'll never wear again? Why??? How about shoes you once loved, but no longer wear? Many studies over the years have all concluded one thing: most women don't wear 80% of their clothing. Wow, that's a lot of unworn clothing! So, the real question remains: if you aren't wearing most of your clothes-WHY DO THEY REMAIN IN YOUR CLOSET?


6 Reasons we have closet clutter...

1. We have too many things. Just like our homes when we have too much stuff, our overly-stuffed closet reflects clutter and chaos in our lives. We need to release this closet clutter in order to get a fresh start. Remember, you usually only wear a small amount of clothes in a regular basis anyways. You have got to let things go!

2. Procrastination. Not letting go and putting it off because you have an emotional attachment to an item. You know the old bridesmaid dress from your BFF's wedding 8 years ago will never be worn again, but dang you had fun that day and still love that dress! Take a picture of the dress, then let it go. Or, if you can still get into the dress (can you?) have someone take a picture of you wearing it...then let it go!

3. Guilt. This is a hard one to swallow because you paid a lot of money for a particular item, but you no longer love it or will ever wear it. However, you still paid a lot a $ for it! Well, by now you know the answer...let it go!

4. You plan to lose weight, so maybe you'll wear it again-one day. Perhaps you could wear it again one day. More than likely if you are able to fit into again...one day-you'll want to buy something new and current. Stop hanging on to the past. DRESS FOR THE WOMAN YOU ARE TODAY.

5. You feel wasteful getting rid of so many clothes. No one wants to feel wasteful. However, hanging on to clothes not being worn IS wasteful. What would be better is giving them away to a charity where someone will appreciate your cast-offs. You will have a new sense of gratitude by sharing items that can be worn again!

6. You buy clothes to feel "current". You have a fear of missing out (FOMO) on the lastest styles. If you don't have the latest trends, others might think less of you. The fact is, you don't need to jump on every trend. Feeling good about yourself comes not from purchases; feeling good about yourself (contentment) comes from within.


If you hate opening your closet...you've got stuff you need to let go of. Read the 6 reasons you have clutter (above).

It's a new year-a perfect time for a fresh start in your closet!


This week's article, "Out With the Old, In With the New" will walk you through 16 things you need to get out of your closet right now! Start your closet decluttering with these 16 suggestions...and see where your closet clean-out goes from here! A New Year, a fresh start with an organized closet. What could be better?


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

It should come as no surprise that this week's Style Mission: Set your timer for 15 minutes.

Declutter one shelf or section of your closet. Remember, baby steps...


Need some inspiration and tips? Read this week's article (posting this Thursday for all MSP style members)


Dear MSP...


Dear Leslie,

I'm an A body type and joined a year or two ago. The main thing I've learned from you so far is to always dress like I am dating...and, after four children, in my 50s, I am in fact in the dating world again. I have found that this just means taking a teensy bit extra time when I'm getting dressed in the morning to pull together an outfit.

I wear necklaces now, and find the small addition of an accessory makes a huge difference. I buy them at Goodwill or on consignment or now and then at Target. I have also learned to lean towards V necks, the right shirt length, and knee length skirts instead of longer ones. I feel much more feminine in knee length skirts. I look for jackets to create a silhouette for my A body type, since I have not much of a waist.

I learned these things over time by reading your articles and looking at the shopping guide each week. Little by little I incorporate what you are teaching us. I get many more compliments than ever before and more importantly, feel more confident and put together. I work at home part of the time but often go out in public, to my clients' homes or to meetings, and I can just walk out the door, ready to go.

Thanks for everything. Kathy, St. Louis


MSP HERE: Way to go Kathy! It's all about taking baby steps with your style. You can learn how to dress in a stylish way over time. 

But sometimes you can take big leaps (like a big "Aha" moment) when you learn what styles are best for your shape and declutter your closet of the clothes that you now know are not flattering! It's good to feel more put-together in confident!

Love, Leslie MSP