11-11-2022 Know Your Numbers: Dressing a Long or Short Torso

November 11, 2022, 3:17 pm by MSP


What are your numbers? Use your measurements to balance shape. 


Do clothes often pull, are not long enough, or on the other hand, too long? Do you sometimes feel clothes just never fit you right? Guess what, most of these problems can be resolved if you know more about your body's proportions. 



Measure yourself:

__Top of head to underarms ___

__Underarm to break of the leg (where your upper leg bends) ___

__Break of leg to the knee ___

__Knee to floor ___

By knowing where on your body you are long or short can help you adjust your clothing lengths to balance your shape. 

For example, you can change how long your legs appear by changing the length of your jacket...of course how much you change it depends on your individual measured body



Notice below how the lengths of the tops and jackets add or remove length from the torso.

Choose the right lengths and styles based on your body's needs

Long torso=shorter lengths

Short torso=longer lengths