5-30-22 THIS WEEK: Avoiding Bad Proportions

May 31, 2022, 3:49 pm by MSP


One of the most common reasons a woman looks bad in her clothes is because her clothing is off-balance.  I'm talking about understanding clothing proportions. You look bad when your clothing proportions are out of sync your own body's proportions.

Keep in mind, body proportions are not necessarily height or weight issues. You can be large of stature or short and perfectly proportioned, or you can be tall and slim and totally off balance.

This article is a must! Don't miss out. This week's article is: Proportions 101. It's something every woman needs to know about. Dressing for your body type helps "balance" your shape, there is no doubt about that. However, adjusting more specific "figure flaws" helps you look your best. By knowing how to make the proper adjustments with your clothing, you'll always look absolutely fabulous!


Sooooo, if you've been waiting for some type of "sign" to start making positive changes...


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What's MSP up to?

I just returned from Palm Springs California. While traveling, I noticed many woman just put on whatever without thinking about their appearance.

Honestly, after seeing so many women ignoring their body proportions (because they don't understand anything about them)...I decided that is what this week's topic MUST BE...all about body proportions. There is no reason you have to look schlumpy in your clothes if you understand how to dress your body's proportions.

It was nice to see family and spend some time at the spa in the desert. What plans do you have this summer for a get-away?


MSP's Weekly Style Mission 

Weekly Style Mission: Pull out your pearls!

To me, nothing says spring like wearing pearls (okay, maybe white jeans, strappy sandals, and shell earrings, also say spring has arrived)! But, pearls should be on your must-add list this spring as well! (By the way, there are so many other ways to wear them besides with your black cocktail dress)

Successfully mixing pearls into your wardrobe repertoire means you know when to match them with classic clothing AND when to contrast them with trendy styles. Pearl necklaces don’t have to be a single strand either. Look for multi-strand necklaces and colored pearls, as well as super-long lengths (so you can tie them in a knot like Coco Chanel).

Watch out, because pearls can add years to your look when worn with “serious” tailored clothing. However, they can add a “youthful” sparkle (and don't we all want more sparkle?) when worn with jeans and other fun separates straight from your wardrobe! 


Have fun with this week's Style Mission.

How about adding pearls to a summer dress?


Even a pearl brooch (below) used to gather your jacket (shirt, or lightweight sweater) at the waist would be lovely...

As a fashion stylist, I’m often asked how to wear pearls so they don't look too matronly. 

Here are my favorite ways to wear pearls:

With A Sheath Dress...
When the day calls for classic, you can't go wrong with pearls and a sheath dress. But, that can be a bit boring, so add a twist with a bright-colored fitted jacket or sweater over the top.  Finish your look with a sassy d’orsay pumps. Bam...you are totally rocking style "awesome-ness"!

With A Button-Down Shirt...
For a structured look, pair your pearl necklace with a button-down shirt. It’s a timeless classic that keeps your look believable, especially on the job. Complete this look with this great new pencil skirt and spectator pumps.

With A Print Blouse...
For something a little more casual, wear your necklace layered with a colorful paisley top and a cardigan. Floral prints are all the rage this spring and are great at hiding an undefined waist too. Add a white pant or skirt and bright solid tote to finish off the look.

Girls 'n pearls this week...Yes, it's going to be a fun week of style!

Love, Leslie MSP


What SYSters Are Saying


"Thank you & a question..."

Dear MSP - Love your service. I don't panic when I have a business trip or an event to dress for. I have fewer clothes in my closet but I dress better. Amazing!

2 questions: 1 What is your thought on dressing in a fashion Uniform like Vera Wang or Carolina Herrera? Recent articles on the topic emphasize that this reduces stress by eliminating a decision and Can convey self confidence. 2. I haven't seen you shop J Jill...any reason? Kindly, Lisa


Dear Lisa,

Yes, I agree with Vera Wang and Carolina Herrara on finding your own "fashion uniform". When a woman dresses in clothes she knows are flattering on her body and wears styles she feels represents her personality well--she is showing that she's comfortable and confident in her own skin. What's not to love about that? It is something we each need to find for ourselves! I often do tell my personal shopping clients we are trying to establish your "own fashion uniform" when we are shopping.

As far as shopping at J Jill, I love the natural fibers in their clothing, however some of their clothes have be rather loose and baggy. I'll have to take another look since it's been some time since I've looked at their merchandise. I'll plan on stepping inside my local J Jill shop soon, and see if I still feel this way. Perhaps it is a brand I'll have a change of heart about?

Thanks for being my SYSter (Show Your Style) style! Love, Leslie MSP


"What a help it is to know MY best colors!"

Thank you so much for hanging in there with me getting all of this done! And what a nice surprise for my colors! For the longest time I had been "torturing" myself over whether I should shop for a summer palette or an autumn one! LOL! Maybe that's why I never nailed it! Thank you again! :))) Karla