12-13-21 THIS WEEK: 5 Fashion Rules to Break

December 13, 2021, 3:12 pm by MSP


There's an old saying, "Rules were meant to be broken".  I can't agree more. How do you know a "rule" is worth following anyways? Especially in the fashion world; what make a "rule" the correct way to dress? A lot is left to interpretation.

Admit it. You've been a rule breaker from time to time. I think we all have. I'm not afraid to take chances...or break "rules" especially when it comes to fashion. I'll try the latest fashions (age appropriate, of course) and wear the newest colors or trends. But sometimes we have doubts. We aren't always sure if something okay to wear--or not. 

Can you wear a navy dress with black accessories? Find out this week how to correctly mix colors together for the right look. Find out what to avoid. 




What fashion rules can you break? When it comes to fashion we've heard that fashion rules are being broken. Wearing white after Labor Day is no longer a style taboo...and YES you can wear double-denim. The problem is we are afraid to wear unique combinations because we don't know how to do it right. 

Have no fear! Set aside your worries, because this week at MissusSmartyPants.com you will learn how to break these "rules"...(plus a few more):

Five Fashion Rules You Must Break

1. Avoiding wearing navy and black together

2. Not mixing prints/patterns

3. Wearing baggy tops (hiding under large un-styled tops)

4. Matching accessories, shoes and handbags

5. Believing ALL stripes make you look fat


This week the "fashion rules" get BUSTED! This week in all 5 Personal Profile body types, see how to UN-DO those outdated "rules" and learn which fashion rules you MUST break now in order to keep your look current. You are going to want to try a few of these looks right away!


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week's Style Mission is to make a "Style File". You'll need a 3-ring binder and clear page dividers to get started. 

(Already have a Style File? Then set your timer and take 15 minutes to clean out/organize your current Style File).

What's a Style File? A "Style File" is a style control journal where you keep everything fashion/style related. Your Style File can be set up any way you like--but here are a couple of suggestions... Organize it into several sections. In one section, save the weekly MSP Style Articles (from the Personal Profiles) that you wish to keep for future reference. In another section, list outfits you have put together that have worked out well (this will come in handy when you are short on time). Yet in another section, tear out inspiring photos of outfits you love and anything fashion/accessory related that makes you smile.




Having a Style File is a great way to help you figure out what styles, trends and colors you like the most. You will see some type of pattern emerging from your clippings. You will have as a reference outfit ideas you wish to copy or color combinations you are going to try with your own wardrobe. Your Style File will be a collection of all things style related. It's YOUR control journal and can be a valuable tool for putting together some fabulous outfits!


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With just 25 basic pieces you can create over 100 stylish outfits. With the "Style Recipes" eBook, you get the complete list of what to have and the template of how to create one stylish look after another!

Love, Leslie MSP


What SYSters Are Saying


Dear MSP,

Thank you for helping me get it back together!

I am a full time Mom with kids 13,12 and 10. I had not been looking my best… so I decided to try your service. The change has been an absolute revolution for me!  I have not lost any substantial weight, but I have gotten more compliments than I ever did before kids.  Weird, but delightful!!  

I didn’t even shop much as I went “closet shopping” and ended up just getting rid of a bunch of "schlumpy" sweats and baggy stuff that just made me look FAT.  Now I am dressing for my "E" figure, I just feel better-Thanks!! Nina