10-25-2021 THIS WEEK: 7 Ways to Improve Your Fashion Finesse

October 25, 2021, 1:31 pm by MSP

Looking for new ways to refine your style? Who isn't, right?

This week, we explore new ways to add flair, and a touch of polish to your already existing outfits. Why dress plain and boring when you've got confidence to fashion finesse to show off!



Get the list of 7 ways you can instantly add interest and excitement to every day outfits. I always like to remind my MSP SYSters that expressing yourself through clothing is a fabulous way to show yourself love and kindness. Simply put; when you look good, you feel good!


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week: Purchase a pair of opaque/textured tights. Get at least one pair in the most wearable colors for your winter wardrobe: consider-black, dark gray and textured dark brown tights.


Tights remain a stylish option for keeping your legs warm (and comfortably covered) in the colder winter months. You can wear them with cropped trousers and pumps, with longer midi-skirts and dresses, and any style of boot as well.

Still have a few pairs of tights from last year? Take a look at them right now. Do they still fit and are they snag-free? You may want to add another pair like a textured tight in the mix. Be sure you have several pairs in rotation so you can wash and dry one, while the other pair is ready to go.

Love, Leslie MSP

P.S. I’m often asked which brand of tight I prefer. My favorite is the “Hue” brand. They are good quality and end up being well worth their cost by the end of the season.


Hue Super Opaque Tights-3 colors


What's the MissusSmartyPants Style System (Personal Profile) all about? 

Here's the answer...

Leslie, I have been following your dressing advice for several years now and I thought you would like to know that this 61 year old grandmother received the best compliment this past Sunday at church.  One of the ladies at church said hello to me, asked me how I was doing and then said, "Bonnie, you look like a young girl!"  I was wearing a black pencil skirt (just below the knee - I'm a "C"), black flats, a black short sleeve tee with a long tan 3/4 sleeve sweater.  I am a Spring and well aware that black near my face is not the most flattering for me so I wore a teal statement necklace and medium gold/teal hoops. The teal, gold & tan complimented my Spring complexion and kept the black tee from causing me to pale out.  My makeup was still in the Spring color range. 

Since I started dressing the Missussmartypants way, people are surprised to know that I really weigh 170 lbs.  One lady even commented that she thought I was in the 130-ish lb. range. My 29 year old daughter recently said to me, "I didn't think the time would ever come that I would be interested in my mother's clothes".  She even recently borrowed that black pencil skirt of mine to wear to a wedding!  I receive compliments often on my complexion, when it's really the color of the makeup and clothes that are so flattering.  Thank you for helping me age gracefully!  

Bonnie in Ky


Do you set your clothes out the night before?

Here's how I put together outfits with fall sweaters or cardigans...

Dear MSP,

I've always folded my sweaters/cardigans because I've been told it keeps their shape better, although they wrinkle. However, when I'm trying to put together new outfit combinations it's difficult to see how the sweaters will look in an outfit when they're not on a hanger. Are there any ways around this? Any special hangers or something to make this easier? How do you put together outfits with sweaters & cardigans? 

Thank you! Gale


MSP HERE: Dear Gale,

Here's how to hang my sweaters, cardigans and sweater dresses so they don't stretch out, I hang them with FELT covered hangers as shown here in my closet. These hangers keep your clothes from sliding and falling onto the closet floor and keep your knits from stretching out when you FOLD them on the hanger.

Hope that helps! Love, Leslie MSP