10-18-21 THIS WEEK: Chic Jean Outfits

October 18, 2021, 12:02 pm by MSP


Looking good in jeans; what woman doesn't want this?! Especially in fall when we start wearing jeans more often.

Looking fab in jeans can be yours, this week at MissusSmartyPants.com

As the weather cools, we pull out our denims and blue jeans and wear them frequently. Soon, they become our regular "go-to" item. Wouldn't you like to know your denims and blue jeans are the best for your shape?

Chic Jean Outfits. Creating fab jean outfits takes more than just great fitting jeans. You've got to put your look all together. With a few style ideas (which you'll find in this week's article) you'll be all set for fall.

Are your jeans flattering you? Are your denims are making the most of your shape? Are you wearing the correct size, the right cut, and style, with the correct pocket placement? Are your back pockets "lifting" your booty or making it long and flat? How do you know you've got it right?


Since most of us wear jeans frequently-find out your best pair for your shape...and


This week's article shares NEW ways to wear denims +  how to select your best fit in jeans! This "Jean-ious Style" guide will help you create fabulous denim looks. Simply "copy" them and you're good to go--all season long. 


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week: Wear a color you've never worn before!

The best thing about color, in my opinion, is that it evokes an emotional response in all of us. For instance, wearing green is a soothing, earthy color compared to red which is considered an aggressive or powerful color. 

What colors do you love to wear? Most often, we wear colors that we "feel" comfortable in. What colors do you avoid? Do you avoid certain colors because they look bad on you, or because you don't "feel" good in them? Figuring out what colors flatter your personal coloring is an important aspect of style.


What new color will you try this week? 

One of the best ways to incoporate a new color into your outfits; is with a scarf.


Colors are like wearable "vitamins". When you wear a really vibrant, or especially flattering color for your eye, hair and skintone...you look positively radiant and your skin glows! It makes you look and feel good...a therapy of sorts! 

Always wear your "seasonal colors"...but this week give a new color in your palette a try. Wear a color you've never worn before and see what happens!


What SYSters Are Saying


"My experience wearing a scarf...." (based on last week's Style Mission)

The other day I added a color coordinated scarf to my stay at home outfit for the day...jeans and a 1/4 zip fleece pullover. My husband asked me, "Where are you going today all duded up?" I told him "Nowhere. This is all just for you!" Mary Ann

Q: Have you added a scarf to one of your outfits recently?



"Your program is making a difference in my life FINALLY"

I must say your program is making a difference in my life FINALLY. I have subscribed over the years and even had my colors done but continued to be drawn to the beige colors which made me look washed out. My colors were summer and you suggest charcoal grey/ rasbery and winter white. Suddenly it's as if I am surround by those very colors and my closet is filling in with the greys and beautiful rasberrys with winter white thrown in and I love the new look and wonder why it took me so long to get into it. Thank you for your continued help. It's fun as well as informative. Beverly Ann