9-27-2021 THIS WEEK: Your Best Fall Jacket

September 27, 2021, 12:49 pm by MSP


Fall weather means you will need a jacket in the morning.

Why I love jackets. Jackets (and blazers) give instant polish to any outfit, from casual to professional. They are your ultimate completer piece. Why? Because they are 2 things: chic and essential...

Jackets add chic style. As you login each week (to your Personal Profile) you quickly learn the best silhouettes and proportions for your particular shape. Without a doubt, on the top every stylist’s lists are adding the right jackets and blazers to every woman's wardrobe! Fall is the perfect time to add new jackets and blazers.

Jackets are essential. A great fitting jacket (or blazer) keeps you warm, but even better they can fool the eye into believing the wearer has a perfect "balanced body". Sounds good, doesn't it? It is! Regardless of your actual shape; wearing your best jacket can "balance" your shape and improve your style at the same time-instantly. Kinda makes you want to grab a jacket (or blazer) right now, doesn't it?


There are so many amazing jacket styles this fall!

This week MSP highlights YOUR best jackets for your shape...

Macys INC International Concepts Blazer (many colors)


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Weekly Style Mission

This week it's all about jackets. So, it should be no big surprise that this week's Style Mission is: wear a jacket or blazer.

Based on this week's article (posting this Thurday in all 5 Personal Profiles) choose from the suggested silhouettes and lengths based on your body shape. j

Notice how a jacket or blazer instantly adds polish . No matter your outfit,casual or dressy, it's the addition of a blazer that "ups" your style! Give this one (below) in stretch luxe seasonless fabric a try!


Macys Kasper Classic Blazer

What's Up MSP?

Thanks for asking! I've received several requests about what I wear each day. 

So, I thought I'd share with you what I wore throughout the week. Here's what last week looked like:

Shopping for a pumpkin, a couple of meetings (the weather is still warm) and hiking at the local mountains! 




Oh, in case you're still reading this...my husband and I got a puppy this summer! Hi name is Jack and he's a busy little fella!

He's a German Shorthair Pointer. I'll follow up with current photos since he's tripled in size since this photo!!!


What SYSters Are Saying

"I think last week's article is the BEST!"

Hi Leslie,

I just took a quick look at last week's article "5 Must-Haves for Early Fall", and I have to say that I think it is one of your best. Seriously, it's in the top 5 for sure. A picture(s) is worth a thousand words! And the list is very helpful too.

Thank you!


MSP HERE: Thank you Sue! 

I agree, there is nothing like photos to help show you how to put together early fall outfits. Most importantly, it helps you use your existing wardrobe. 

Love, Leslie MSP


Dear Leslie,

I love your weekly style help! Since I joined about 2 month ago I have completely revamped my closet, got rid of the clutter and began working on only wearing what is flattering for my C body type. What a HUGE difference! I get so many nice remarks about how nice I look. This experience has been such a morale booster for me. 

Right now I'm in search of a new handbag. I want to invest in something that will last me for several years and of course I want to choose something that flatters my shape. My waist is somewhat undefined and my hips are rather large. How do I decide what handbag is best? I appreciate this service and hope you can help me with my request!

Sincerely, Christa


MSP HERE: Dear Christa,

If your hips OR tummy are large...keep attention away from your hips or tummy by selecting a handbag that tucks under your arm. Be sure the handbag does not end at your hips...but at your waist or above.

Avoid: purses with long straps (that hit at the low hips/tummy area). Here is a style handbag that would be flattering for you: