9-20-21 THIS WEEK: 5 Must-haves for Early Fall

September 20, 2021, 12:50 pm by MSP


With warm autumn colors filling the racks and shelves at your local stores (and online), it’s tempting to go on a shopping spree and buy all the latest trends. But instead, I suggest you search your closet for 5 essentials before rushing to buy anything. At least start with these 5 essential...before you shop for fall.

Clothing with summer prints can certainly be packed away until next spring, but many summer pieces like strapless dresses, graphic tees, denim pieces, and tank tops work well into the fall season. 

With 5 key items you can create a new fall wardrobe without breaking your budget.


Use this week's article to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your current wardrobe into the fall season. 






Do It Now! 

Plan your early fall wardrobe with only 10 pieces! 

Before you know it...summer will be gone. 

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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

"Mix it up" week! 

This week’s Style Mission is to NOT buy anything. Instead, mix-up your clothes and create “new” outfits using what's in your closet right now.

How to mix it up. Start with one (1) basic...then build your outfit from there. (I usually start with a basic bottom, then select my top, then add a fun accessory, and since it's "Mix it up" I'd change out my handbag to something I haven't worn for awhile too!)



What SYSters are Saying


MSP: How do you acquire your wardrobe?

Dear MSP,

I was hoping you could direct some comments to how you plan and acquire your wardrobe long term. For example, how often do you go shopping for clothes, under what circumstances, etc?

I often find that I wait till all my clothes are either worn out or ill-fitting before I finally go shopping and then I get overwhelmed. I'm sure there is a better system. (Grocery shopping is so much easier because it's a weekly chore, but clothes seem much more arbitrary...)

Thanks, Paula

MSP HERE: Dear Paula,

Thank you for your email. To answer your question about how and when to purchase clothes, there really is no clear-cut answer.

However, I do recommend doing what I do. I go through my closet at the beginning of each season. I re-organize my seasonal clothes to the front and make a list of what I might need to complete more wearable outfits. When I do this closet organizing it’s a good time to add in a new or trendy item to keep my wardrobe looking fresh and up-to-date.

Of course you don't have to wait until the beginning of a season to purge your closet and start working on a basic plan. It can be done anytime of year. By removing all the unworn clothes, you get down to the "bare bones" of the things you actually wear all the time. This allows you to start building (slowly) a more usable wardrobe where your basics are the foundation.

When you have a wardrobe plan, you will find that shopping is not so overwhelming. Each week, in your personal profile are suggestions of styles based solely on your body type. This will give you a plan for shopping and make it fun since you know what to look for!

Love, Leslie MSP