9-16-21 It Takes More Than a Top and Bottom To Create An Outfit

September 16, 2021, 9:46 am by MSP



It takes more than just a top and bottom to create an outfit...


For a stylish look...think “completer piece” every time you dress!


For example, if you are wearing....A stylish blouse with a v-neck (check) and its in a pretty color (check) that’s fab. However, if you only wear it with an uninteresting bottom, well that’s BORING!


A casual dress without an accessory? No way! Add a long beaded necklace, and grab a fitted blazer-now you have an outfit.


With a little more planning and forethought you will look stylish everyday. ADD a “completer” piece and your tops and bottoms (or dresses) and look a lot more stylish. Completer pieces are jackets, blazers, a vest, statement necklace, sassy shoes, scarves, etc.