8-23-21 THIS WEEK: Summer Into Fall: 10 Essentials

August 23, 2021, 2:39 pm by MSP


Is it fall yet? Well...ummm, no not yet. But season is going to change, and when it does, your wardrobe needs to reflect that. 

This week is about extending your summer wardrobe into the fall season. It's still blazing hot, but in a few weeks we start to notice cooler mornings. 

Change to fall colors. During this transition time-start to change the colors you are wearing. Put away your beach sandals and wear a leather sandals and booties with your cropped pants instead. Instead of a pastel pink tee, opt for the warm wine-colored one instead. You get the idea. Start adding a touch of autumn to your outfits now.

This week s-t-r-e-t-c-h your warm season wardrobe into chic and "trendy" outfits you can wear into the fall. You will get lots of clever ideas of how to wear (and layer) clothes straight from your closet (you know, the ones you have been wearing all summer). This week be ahead of the game (or in this case, the fall weather) with summer outfits into fall outfits! 



This week's style article gives you the list of "Summer Into Fall Essentials". These 10 key essentials will help you create one stylish outfit after another during this time of weather transitionMany of the clothes you are currently wearing can easily take you into fall, so don’t pack away all of your warm season clothes—just yet. There will be lots of visuals to help you create these fun looks for yourself.


This Thursday:  "10 Summer Into Fall Essentials".

These 10 pieces "bridge" your wardrobe from summer into fall.



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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week concentrate on the accessories you wear. Since they are "completer pieces" that add polish, or complete your look; focus on wearing a new one every day.

This week: get out of your comfort zone by wearing a NEW accessory. For example, if you don’t ever wear scarves; wear one. Necklaces aren’t really your thing? Wear one! You get the idea. Jump right in and try something new! You'll be surprised how fun it is to add something unexpected to your outfits.




Loft Coin Layered Necklace

Exploring new accessories is one fab way to gain more style confidence and rock your style. 

Love, Leslie MSP


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 I am 58 years old now, I have now been out of an abusive relationship 
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