8-16-21 THIS WEEK: Stop the Style Mistakes

August 16, 2021, 10:20 am by MSP


Think of how awesome it would be to open your closet each morning and absolutely love everything.

Lord knows, we've all purchased clothes that we ended up never wearing--some of them might even still have their price tags attached! Why does this happen? How can we avoid these mistakes that makes us feel guilty for wasting hard-earned money? 

Is there a plan for creating a fab wardrobe without spending a fortune? Lucky for you, there is... and that's what this week's article, "Erase the Style Mistakes" is all about (posting this Thursday in all 5 body types).

Isn't it time you lose the closet misfits and guilt? This week: Get your closet in order and move your style forward in the process!

Closet misfits make us feel guilty. Closet 'misfits' make you feel guilty and are actually HOLDING BACK your style. This week I explain how to put an end to this costly shopping pattern and improve your style at the same time!


Q: Can't see the forrest through the trees?

Declutter and dressing becomes easier!

It's time to change the way you shop. It's time to get serious about building a decent wardrobe with a basic wardrobe plan. You will also learn about proper fit and the right styles for your shape. This is the ultimate spring-board to creating a fab wardrobe-you deserve!


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Once you know what's best, you can ignore the rest!

MSP’s Weekly Style Mission

 Want to look unique? Of course you do. Here's how to look special with your own sense of unique style..do this week's Style Mission!

This week's Style Mission: Wear a NEW accessory. If you don’t ever wear scarves; this week wear one (if it hot outside, tie a colorful one on your handbag instead). Necklaces aren’t really your thing? This week, wear one. You get the idea. Jump right in and try wearing a new accessory. The fun begins when you step out of your comfort zone!

Always add something new (accessory wise) to even your everyday clothes...

Francesca's Semi Precious Stone Pendant Necklace


Your style is always "on point" with the addition of one cool accessory!

What SYSters Are Saying
Hi Leslie,

I signed up for MSP two weeks ago and I'm loving the personalized style program.  

I wanted to thank you because today I had (what is for me) a big step.  Even though I have all the head knowledge and know all the steps to cleaning out the closet, I have not been able to get motivated to make a dent. 

However, the regular messaging from you is very reinforcing and somehow when I heard you say "edit" your wardrobe, that term really helped make it less painful.  I was able to embrace that and I brought 15 items to consignment today and they took them all.  I also filled three shopping bags of clothes and shoes for donation.  I have lots more to go, but your encouragement got me to make the first leap.  

Thanks for all you do!
Dear MSP:

I have just renewed my membership. Since learning so much from you, I hear all the time about how I "Always look so nice!" and "Dress like you're rich!" when most of my things are second-hand but selected and put together using your advice.

I am very frugal but your advice is well worth the cost.

Thank you so much, I now look and feel 10 years younger and have so much more confidence!!!



Dear Leslie,

Ohhh yes, thank you so much. I can save the style articles and body type shopping guides so easily on my iPad and pore over them, even when we're on business trips. And I can go back to my favorites...like "capsule dressing". I will always go back to that one when getting ready for a big trip. Actually that came out right AFTER our last big trip, and I realized I HAD DONE IT. I was so excited and it was the very best I've ever packed and I felt that I took some great outfits...and it all came right out of my closet !!! 

I knew then that I was learning from you...yay me !! I was trying to pack for that trip, pulling clothes out, and nothing was coming together. So, I put everything back in my closet, pulled out a jacket that I LOVE wearing and built several outfits around that using different colored jeans and scarves. Then I added a few things that looked great with the other pieces...and there it was...all packed!! So fun! 

Thank you. Deanna