7-26-21 THIS WEEK: French Inspired Style

July 26, 2021, 6:19 am by MSP


Dear MSP SYSters, 

I'm not French, but after visiting Paris France, I was enticed by Parisian women's chic way of dressing. In fact, I admire it. I made a lot of mental notes of the street fashions and the way the Parisian women dressed. I dissected each outfit...piece by piece to copy the "look" myself. But, there's more to French style than just a few fab looks to copy. The way they dress goes deeper-it's a lifestyle and certain healthy attitude about a woman's body in her clothing.

French women tend to follow this fashion rule, "Bon chic, bon genre" when translated means, "good style, good attitude". In other words, dressing well is essential to your well-being. I say French women have always been right about this. 


Don't be to quick to brush this off...Truth: feeling good about yourself is about loving yourself-inside and out.

When you dress better, you feel better.

The French are minimalists. The French way of dressing is to value fewer clothes, but better quality. Making fewer purchases will save you money in the long run-even if your clothing costs you more. A classic piece worn often will always looks good because of its seasonless nature. Instead of purchasing new clothes every season, we should consider our clothing purchases each as a long term investment. This minimalist way of dressing will save us money, yet our style evolves into something extraordinary.


French women in Paris are four (4) things: 

Minimalists, simple, classic, and conservative-with an edgy tone. 


This week's article, "French Inspired Style" will give you seven (7) changes you can make to dress more like a chic Parisian woman, or as the French say, "Bon chic, bon genre" or in other words, having good style with a good attitude! Follow these 7 steps in this week's article because as they say, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". 


Start Your Journey of Improved Style Today! 


Reminder: This week's article "French Inspired Style" will post on Thursday. Look for an email in your inbox letting you know when it is posted!


MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week’s Style Mission: Break those "rules"!

Want to renew your style (and your inner spirit) plus give yourself a “younger” looking vibe?

This week, ditch the old-fashioned "fashion rules" and try something new and different.

Do you remember these OLD fashion "rules"?

__Always match your shoes to your handbag. 

__How about wearing eye shadow the same color as your shirt or dress? Dated! 

__How about not wearing white after Labor Day? So, not true!

__Never wearing brown and black together-ever!

...Let's forget these OLD rules! They no longer apply.

This week: Un-match your handbag with your shoes. Instead, choose a bright colored handbag. Wear a neutral eye shadow that compliments your eye color or learn how to apply makeup in a more youthful way (tip: less is more). Wear white because you want to and you look great in those white pants-even in the fall and winter months.  Mix browns and blacks on purpose...and maybe add a touch of animal print while you're at it. 

How are you going to break free of the OLD fashion rules? Style is creative and it's YOUR style we're talking about. It’s about expressing yourself—break the “rules” and show off your new creative side of dressing. You can totally do this!

Love, Leslie MSP

What SYSters Are Saying


"Loved that Summer Hat Article..."

Thank you so much for the recent article about hats. I ordered 4 from the Walleroo hat company (would have been 5 but they were out of one color I wanted). I have received quite a few complements and someone even asked me how to buy them herself. Thanks again


MSP HERE: Bronwyn,


Thank you for letting me know how much you enjoyed this article. It's super-helpful to know you best hat styles for your face shape


Yes, that particular Wallero hat featured in this article has become my favorite summer hat too!


Love, Leslie MSP

P. S. Here's the link to the weekly blog post about hats: Summer Hats. If any style SYSter needs the link to this past article from June, please contact MSP customer service for your copy!



MSP: I just wanted to let you know that I've found your color lists (what goes with what) particularly helpful. I have a copy taped to my closet door. It's helped me to vary my outfits while shopping my closet; for example, if I want to wear my navy slacks but I'm tired of what I usually pair them with, I check your list to see what other colors go with navy blue. Your list has inspired me to try new combinations and extend my wardrobe with what I already have. Thank you! 

MSP HERE: Dear Susan,

You are referring to the list of 22 color combinations located in the posted membership article "The Must-Have Wardrobe Basics". This is available to everyone who has an active style membership.  



Your eBook “Style Recipes” puts my clothes together like magic...  

Dear Leslie,

Thank you for this great avenue to fun, beautiful and balanced dressing...

I have printed out the Style Recipes eBook and I’m keeping it on my closet shelf...ready to take a look. Wish I had found you long ago...all those hours in dilemma...of what to wear are now spent in discovery of how what I already have goes together like magic...

Could not have done it without your fashion sense. Thanks so much and again for the fun and confidence!!! Ellen





Let me introduce myself, my name is Jennifer, I am a 30-something stay at home mom.  I have received your advice for years, and have always enjoyed and looked forward to your weekly updates!  I always look forward to seeing how you use your own advice and principles and I hope that the pictures that you post of yourself won't stop. I have always thought you looked great!  Keep up the great advice - and the great pictures so we can see how you put yourself together because it is so helpful!