7-19-2021 THIS WEEK: Sizzling Summer Sales

July 19, 2021, 9:52 am by MSP


Get ready for sizzzling savings on cool style! It’s July... and this is THE month to shop the sale racks!


July is the month for saving big on clothing items.

Everything that's summer related is now on SALE!


If you shop the July sales wisely; you can collect big savings + increase your style potential. The best part; most of these items I’m suggesting can take you deep into the fall season. I'll show you how to wear these certain items now...and into fall!

July is when the stores must clear out all the summer related clothing to make room for the bulkier fall clothing. Stores prepare early because the fall season is typically their biggest retail selling season, so they are eager to get sales started—and that means the summer stuff is being sold at deep discount!

Stock-up on basics for the whole family. Sizzling sales in July gives you an early start on back-to-school shopping. Since your kids will want new tees and shorts come school time, you'll want to take advantage of the discounts while the section is still good!

Work the sales. Look for items that help build your core wardrobe (and do the same for your kids). If don’t have a basic wardrobe...start planning one-now. Having a core wardrobe of main-stay pieces saves you money (use MSP’s “Wardrobe Basics” located in the member sections). Make a list of your needs and take it to the sales (or use online). This will help you steer clear of “bargains” that you might otherwise impulsively consider because they are priced like a “bargain”. Learn this week how to shop the July sales to your advantage!


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What SYSters Are Saying


Hi, Leslie!

Wanted to tell you that after all these years I still enjoy your weekly emails. I especially am getting ideas for my new wardrobe, since I have lost 55 pounds over the past year.
I never wore ruffles, just never felt comfortable in them. But saw this blouse on your shopping page  and decided to get it. Absolutely love it! You suggested wearing it with white jeans, so I put this outfit together for my Lunch Bunch today and got a few compliments. BTW, the jeans are a favorite, but were way to big on me since my weight loss. So off to my seamstress I went. Perfect solution! 
Be well. Hugs, Marta


"Change my Body Type please"

Yay! Health issues being resolved! 50 pounds down since last year at this time. Please change my Body Type articles back to Type B instead of Type E. THANK YOU so much! Feeling so much better. Cleaned out my closet this week-end. Glad I had saved the smaller clothes that fit me two years ago. Most were so basic (thanks to MisusSmarty Pants) that they are still in style! :-) Thanks, JM



Of course we are happy to change your body type at any time during your membership. Congrats on feeling better and having lost 50 lbs! All the best to you. 

Your SYSter, Ann


Hi Leslie,

I just wanted to thank you for everything you've taught me.  I've been a subscriber for 6 months and have learned so much.  I just can't believe it.  Everything you said is true. Which by the way, it's very difficult to find a "product" that is worth its value such as yours.  I'm a type A and I was skeptical how much you could help me.  After all I was thin enough to wear pretty much anything I wanted, right?  Well, that's partly true.  I could wear anything but did I feel and look great?  No, I didn't, but now I certainly do.

I got my hair cut per your suggestion for a square face and have even changed my hair color to reflect my “new” autumn coloring.  I particularly also love your suggestion of buying the things I love.  I recently came back from a vacation and gained a few pounds.  My first instinct was to grab something baggy but I thought no, MSP says put on something that will make me feel beautiful.

When I feel beautiful I take better care of my self.  I'm back to watching what I am eating and know I would have hated myself for gaining the weight I did (about 7 lbs) but you know I don't feel that way today.  I know that if I continue to take care of myself the extra weight will come off and I can still feel pretty until it does.  

Your system is so much more than looking good on the outside.  It’s about feeling good on the inside.  Something that is finally happening at this age and this weight.  Who would have thought?  You have been so helpful and I am so grateful for everything I have learned.  

Again, I want to express how rare I find a product that is really worth its value.  If anyone out there is debating on whether to use this service, please do it.  I have saved money, feel wonderful, and look beautiful.  I have more than enough clothes to wear and for once feel that I have and am enough.

 Leslie, you're the best.

Love, Joy


WHAT CAN I DO? Covering up my arms in hot weather...
Dear Leslie,
On most days unless it's extremely hot outside, I prefer to cover my wobbly upper arms. I really do feel more comfortable when my upper arms are covered rather than exposed. I live in the south so most days are pretty warm but I try to keep them covered.

Can you recommend a cute style of top that I won't overheat in and one that still allows my upper arms to be covered? I'm a body type C in case that helps. I have learned so much from your program and really love getting it every Thursday. Thanks!

Fondly, Maureen
MSP HERE: Dear Maureen,
Thanks for your style question. I feel any woman that wants to go sleeveless should. There is no reason to feel we must have 'perfect' arms (most of us don't). But I also understand if you aren't comfortable, well then you aren't comfortable--end of story.
If you choose to cover your arms, there are lots of cute and trendy tops to choose from that will keep you cool. Use these style tips to help you find the best sleeve/top styles:
1. Avoid styles that are too constrictive
2. Avoid sleeves that stop at your wide part of your upper arm (like a cap or short sleeves)
3. Look for tops that stop around or close to the lower-bicep to elbow area (most flattering sleeve length)
4. If upper arms are heavy, yet you want to go sleeveless, look for tanks with wide straps (avoid spaghetti straps)
Love, Leslie MSP