6-28-21 THIS WEEK: 15 Amazing Style Tips You Never Thought About Before...

June 28, 2021, 10:41 am by MSP


This article makes bold declaration. 15 tips that will change your style forever. Yet the fact is, most of us do the same thing over and over (in this case, letting our style get stale) and somehow we expect different results. This is not a good way to go. So, this week I'm giving you the best style tips so that you can refresh your style. They are so good...well, they are going to change your life! That’s a big claim but you get to test them out and see what I mean!

It's time for a style refresher course. Every now and then we need to change things up. We need to see new ideas. I can't think of better way to get a fresh perspective than to change your style up! Get ready for positive changes!!!


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"Dear Missus Smarty Pants..."

Dear Leslie,

I know I look better since joining your website because honestly I have never felt good about my looks. Now instead of being unhappy about it, I have begun a process of learning how to dress for shape. It really makes a difference. But sometimes something recommended does not work. I think it is because I have a short waist or short torso. Can this be why? 

Again thanks for helping unstyled women like me understand how they can become stylish! This is such a blessing in my life! Nancy B. 


MSP HERE: Dear Nancy, I LOVE to hear this! Every time a woman writes and tells me how dressing better has changed them for the better, it brings tears to my eyes! This is what MissusSmartyPants is all about...helping women feel good about themselves.

Dressing for your body type will certainly make the biggest impact on how you look...however, if you have a particularly long or short area on your body (your vertical proportions) you need to address this as well. You may find that tops and dresses are an issue because they tend to bunch up, or they are baggy around your mid-section and that’s not flattering. In order to create the illusion of a "perfect" figure, you must balance your proportions.  To do this you must select tops, pants, skirts and dresses that elongate your torso to give you the perfect proportional balance for a longer leaner you. You will learn to do this as you continue working with the weekly Personal Profile system.

Love, Leslie MSP

Short torso? One of the best things is to find YOUR best shirt length. 

You want a shirt that is medium-long. Not too long that your legs appear short, and long enough that it lengthens your torso...


MSP's Weekly Style Mission

"A woman's smile is her best accessory"...especially if her teeth are pearly white (not yellow and stained)!

This week's Style Mission: Whiten Your Teeth! 

I have personally used Crest 3D White Stripes with great results. By the way, I'm a big coffee drinker. Give these white strips a try (if you haven't already tried them) they are so easy! A more youthful smile can take years off your face.

What SYSters Are Saying

Dear MissusSmarty,

As a plus size woman it is darn hard to estimate how clothes are going to look on me. The models you show are sometimes are super thin. I love the weekly shopping advice for what to buy for my "Elegant" plus shape. You are spot on but it is the pictures that are not always. 

Babystepping my way in style, Ginger G.


MSP HERE: Dear Ginger, Thank you for sharing your input with me. I appreciate knowing your concerns so I can do my best to help you. I have personally selected stores I feel offer the best value, quality and variety. The problem is some stores/websites use the SAME models for both misses and plus sizes! I totally agree sometimes the images are not representative to what it will possibly look like on you. That's why using the clothing specifics in your shopping guides will help you find the best lengths and styles for your shape.


Dear MSP, 
I've been a SYS sister for two years now and I dress more stylishly now than I ever have. The two most important changes you've helped me make are to know what basics I need to look put-together and to wear body-skimming clothes - no baggy shirts, pants, or dresses. My waist is almost more short than petite sizing, so shopping was understandably frustrating for a long time. Baggy shirts were almost my only option, dresses never fit quite right, and a good-fitting jacket seemed nonexistent.  
Thanks to changes in the clothing industry (more petite-sized clothes available in more styles) and your help to open my eyes to the options, I've found a great jacket to wear with pants - something I thought would elude me forever. Thanks for giving us visual examples of the principles you're trying to teach us and for encouraging us to keep trying.

Your style syster, Erin in CO


Dear MSP: Thank you for giving me a perspective of my body so that I was able to fall in love with myself and empower me to choose clothing that fit me and represents who I am. Sincerely, Ellen