5-31-21 THIS WEEK: 6 Slimming Summer Styles

May 31, 2021, 7:11 am by MSP



6 Slimming Summer Styles


What could be better than wiggling your toes in the warm sand? How about knowing the six most slimming styles for the hot summer days ahead? You’ll feel confident while looking slim and stylish; and at the same time not overheat. This a recipe for style success.





Talbots Linen Wide Leg Crops (petite, misses, plus)



Don't melt this summer. Summer heat can make dressing stylish a challenge. I've figured out how you can look stylish (and slim) all summer long. I've put together the best slimming tricks into cool summer looks. Include these six (6) slimming styles into your summer outfit rotation from this week's article, "6 Slimming Summer Styles". You'll be glad you did.



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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week's Style Mission should you choose to accept it is: Wear a skirt.

This wardrobe basic is one of the best 'figure fixers' a woman could own! 

Whether your hips are slim, or full and curvy...an A-line skirt makes your look fabulous.

Hopefully you already have at least one in your closet. Wear it this week and it will quickly remind you how easy it is to look fab.

Love, Leslie MSP

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What SYSters are Saying

"I Did It!" 

I'd like to encourage your readers to gather their courage and change up their hairstyles-as you suggested last week. A couple of years ago I took the plunge and what you're suggesting: chopped my hair from nearly shoulder-length to a short, layered bob with bangs. I loved it! My hair tends to lie flat when it's longer and have more life when it's shorter, and bangs really complement my face. I've tried several variations since then and am currently growing it out to shoulder-length again--but I'm definitely keeping the bangs!
Cheers, S.
Dear Leslie,

I finally did IT (slowly and with pain). I've gotten rid of all the clothes that don't fit, colors (now that I know my best colors) that don't work and also--the clothes that look cheaply made. The result? It is sooo much easier to get dressed in the morning! Just about everything coordinates with everything else.

I used to have this weird habit where I wouldn't wear my favorite things to "save them". Now, I only have my favorite things, so it feels like I'm spoiling myself every day. 

Thanks you MSP!!! Jessica


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