4-26-21 THIS WEEK: Spring and Summer Outfits

April 26, 2021, 2:30 pm by MSP


This week: Spring and Summer Outfits

SYSters want to know.  SYSters want to know what to wear when it gets really warm out

As women we have lots options; like wearing a sundress or skirt, but more than likely when it's really warm, we will wear shorts and crops. This week's article will emphasize short and crops, but include other fab warm season options as well. 

Admittedly, I'm a little apprehensive about showing more skin as the weather warms...and most women are. However, wearing the most flattering shorts and crops for our body type will make us look and feel our best. From short, mid and longer length shorts, you will also see plenty of crops + sundresses and skirts-and more!


This week's article is dedicated to helping you wear YOUR most flattering shorts 

PLUS...other stylish options for the warm weather!

Talbots Perfect Shorts -petite, misses-many colors


What are the best fit/length tips and tricks for looking good in shorts and crops? This week we explore all shorts, crops and capri length options. Plus, sundresses, skirts and other stylish ways to dress when the heat turns up.


This week: find YOUR best lengths and styles in shorts and crops + other options for warm season outfits. Select a few of these ideas... and then make them your own!

Love, Leslie MSP


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

Get 'em while the getting is good, LOL! This week, nab a new pair of sunglasses...before the selection is picked through.

This week’s Style Mission: Get a new pair of sunglasses.

No more wearing scratched or worn-out sunglasses that's seen better days! Renew your look with a new pair of sunglasses.

You don’t have to spend designer $$ on name brands! According to the Mayo Clinic “choose sunglasses that block at least 99 percent of UVB rays and at least 95 percent of UVA rays”. Even “cheapo” brands offer the eye protection you need.

SUNGLASSES STYLE TIP: Pick the right sunglasses BY your face shape—NOT because they're the latest rage. Right now large ROUND sunglasses are popular. But, if you have small features you'll end up looking silly and like a bug (aka Mary Kate Olson).

Pick your best sunglass style based on your face shape:

Round. Try rectangular shapes to make your face appear longer and thinner.

Oval. Try various oval shapes that are as wide, or wider than your face.

Square. Try styles that have width at the tops and a curve at the bottom of the rim.

Long. Look for styles with strong horizontal lines to shorten your face.

Heart. Try sunglasses that are wider at the bottom and styles with round top and squared bottom (like aviators).


This season, protect your precious eyes from the harsh sun...all while channeling your own brand of “diva”!


Love, Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants

What SYSters are Saying


Dear Leslie,

I just started using your system and I have to say what a big difference it has made in my life!

Before joining I use to put on any old thing and not think much about it. Who knew there was an art to dressing your body?

I can not tell you how many compliments I have gotten since using your suggestions from various weekly style articles. My co-workers are amazed and I’ve only purchased a couple of new things. This is really amazing and quite fun.

Even though I’m not slim gal like I once was, I feel younger now. I’m slowly working off the 20 pounds of body clutter, but by dressing better and using your tips it’s like I’m a new me!

Thank you sharing your talents with us! Catherine




Dear Leslie,

I'm new to using your program and I'm learning so much. This is really new to me and so fun!

I have replaced a few of my basics after reviewing your basics list for my body type. My problem right now is that my basics are rather dull and I can not afford to add more pieces at this time. 

What can I do to get more color and look more stylish with my small-ish wardrobe?

Thanks for all you do, Brenda


MSP HERE: Dear Brenda,

I'm glad to hear your wardrobe is coming together. Remember this is a "style journey" and it takes time. Just like Rome wasn't built in a day-the same applies to your wardrobe.  Each season, you will be encouraged to edit/purge anything that you have not worn all season, or anything that has become dated, as well encouraged to review your current wardrobe needs.  

The quickest way to infuse more style into your wardrobe is with the addition of a few BRIGHT accessories! For example: an all black (or khaki) top and bottom will go from ho-hum to wowza when you add this bright green handbag and a pair animal-print flats! You get the idea. Pops of color with handbags, shoes, or statement jewelry works wonders for sparking up your basic outfit.

Your SYSter, Leslie MSP


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