Going Sleeveless? Here's How to Look Good

April 14, 2021, 6:25 pm by MSP


Going Sleeveless…How to Look Good


Pssst! Guess what? I don’t think you need to have slim, toned arms, to pull off a sleeveless look. Lots of ladies are going sleeveless…so why not you? With that being said, some women simply WON’T go sleeveless no matter how hot it is! I understand because it’s all about your personal comfort level, however...I’d like you to re-think the idea of sleeveless. Here are a few suggestions to help you go for it: 


1. Look for tank tops (and shells) in sturdier fabrics with good underarm coverage, a fuller shoulder line (not spaghetti straps) and a modest neckline. Paying attention to these details makes all the difference! When these key fit areas are slightly more covered, they actually give your upper body better (and more balanced) proportions.


2. Sunless tanning lotion. Adding a little color to your skin can help visually slim them a wee bit. Apply some after a shower. Try Jergen’s or Neutrogena’s.


3. Sleeveless always looks better than cap-sleeves! Cap-sleeves are best left to those with amazingly toned arms because they highlight the upper arms.  Cap-sleeves cut into your upper arm right where it they are the widest. Avoid cap sleeves-go sleeveless instead.


4. Embrace your best length sleeve. Still don’t like the idea of sleeveless? Best sleeve lengths for larger upper arms are: at elbow or ¾ length sleeves. Look for light-weight fabrics, burn-out fabrics, flowy georgette fabrics so you won’t overheat!