3-15-21 THIS WEEK: 3 Pieces = 9 Outfits!

March 15, 2021, 10:11 am by MSP


THIS WEEK: I'm sooo excited. I'm using only 3 pieces and remixing them into 9 outfits. Once you see how easy it is to "remix" like a pro, you'll want do this with your own wardrobe. 

Come, see how to "Remix". Find out what to wear, and how to wear it. First of all, you may think I have lot of clothes. But, the truth is, I don't. My wardrobe is not large, nor is my budget...but, what I do have is good REMIX SKILLS! Find out how to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your wardrobe into something amazingly stylish!

Learn the secrets to closet remixing!


 Stylish, yet only a small core wardrobe. That's what remixing is all about...

Learn how this week!

As a stylist, my wardrobe is built upon "smart" clothing purchases. 

All body type Personal Profiles will get this week's handy article "3 Pieces = 9 Outfits". For sure, this week's article will inspire you style-wise, but more importantly, it will save you money!


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week's style mission: It's handbag clean-out week!

Do you carrying around the same handbag or tote, week after week? Does it collect "things" and now its weighing you down? Let's clean it out!


How to look instantly 5 lbs slimmer? 

Carry a LARGER bag! 


I’ll bet your handbag is a lot like mine. It quickly becomes a catch-all for everything--from receipts, pens, lipsticks, bottles of sanitizer, restaurant napkins, and much more. DECLUTTER IT! FYI: Just because your handbag is larger, doesn't mean you need to fill it up!

With love, Leslie MSP

What SYSters Are Saying


"I enjoyed the article on jackets!"

Dear Leslie, I enjoyed the article on jackets. I wonder how to put together the different categories for my figure as some have conflicting directives. What would work for one with broad shoulders, full bust, undefined waist, long waist, and considered somewhat petite (5'3"). My bottom half is okay. :) Thanks! Vannie

MSP HERE: Dear Vannie,

I found the perfect style for you! This jacket (below) has everything you need: structure that hints at a waist line (even if yours is not defined) perfect for broad shoulders (minimal shoulder pads) and perfect for a full bust with its collar and jacket stance (the position of your button on the jacket) it fits the bill.

Love, Leslie MSP

Talbots Easy Travel Jacket-Black (petite, misses, plus)


I Feel So Good...and You Can't Put A Price On That!

I went out a bought myself a fabulous scarf that I love in my seasonal colors. It was expensive, but I kept remembering CPW (Cost Per Wear) that you tell us about, and know I will wear it a ton, and that makes it a great deal right there. Besides that, it makes me feel fabulous, and there's no price you can put on that, especially since I have not been feeling very good about my appearance lately. Great idea, Leslie. Thank you, thank you. -Alice


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