1-11-21 THIS WEEK: 8 Things to Buy Now for Spring

January 11, 2021, 1:49 pm by MSP


More than likely you don't want to shop right now. I get that. Most of us are still getting over the holidays, plus our wallets can't afford too many more purchases. However, if you can stretch your budget a bit more; there are some awesome sales going on. Buy wardrobe basics now. January is full of end-of-season sales. At these sales, find items you can wear now...and into the spring. 


January is full of end-of-the-season sales. This means spend a little, get a lot!


Spend (wisely) and save. In other words, in order to have a better wardrobe (more outfit possibilities) you need to make smarter purchases. By building your wardrobe of quality basics, ones you can wear now and into the spring, you will be extending your wardrobe like never before!


This week, find out what to buy NOW at the end-of-season sales.

You'll save BIG while creating a more stylish wardrobe-one that will take you into the spring!

Talbot Polished Plaid Trench Coat

Remember the “two J’s” ( January and July). These are the best months for bargains. 

Of course, you probably aren't thinking about spring just yet since you're still wrapped-up in winter scarves and coats; but a little advanced planning (or shall I say clearance rack shopping?) will improve your style-now and into the spring!

Get a jump start on your spring wardrobe now...you spend less in the long run. This week, get the LIST of what to buy now at the end-of-season January sales. This list will get your closet (and your wardrobe) looking good now AND into spring! Find out what to buy on sale now!

Love, Leslie MSP


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week's Style Mission: Wear an unlikely color!

The best thing about color, in my opinion, is that it evokes an emotional response in us. For instance, wearing green is a soothing, earthy color compared to red which is considered an aggressive or powerful color. What colors do you love to wear? Most often we wear colors that we "feel" comfortable in. What colors do you avoid? Do you avoid certain colors only because they look bad on you or also because you don't "feel" good in them?


What new color(s) are you willing to try this week?

I call the colors we choose to wear "color vitamins". When you wear a really vibrant or especially flattering color for your eye, hair and skintone...you look positively radiant and your skin glows! It's a feel-good therapy of sorts! Always wear your "seasonal colors"...but this week give a new color a try in your color palette you've never worn before!


What SYSters are Saying

Thank you for your site.  It's been a great encouragement to me after losing weight.  I was so accustomed to buying what I could find (4 to 5 X).  Now, I do choose what I like (had to figure that out again).  I sincerely appreciate your encouragement.  Paula

MSP HERE: Dear Paula,

Thank you for letting me know how MissusSmartyPants.com has encouraged you to shop smart after weight loss. 
Shopping can be a tough experience when you don’t know where to start or what looks good on your body. Narrowing down your choice (due to knowing your body type) actually does not limit you, but gives you a better vision. Dressing well becomes fun again!
Here’s to a happy New Year for you and your wardrobe! 
Love, Leslie MSP
I am looking better these days, and I have a new appreciation for pretty clothes. Thank you for what you do! Martha