12-28-20 THIS WEEK: The Power of Color

December 28, 2020, 1:55 pm by MSP


The Power of Color

Color is an incredible fashion tool that's often taken for granted. However, if we knew its power, we'd purposely employ it's benefits every_single_ day.

We are naturally attracted to color; it stimulates us emotionally, physically, and even brings out behavioral responses in us. We don't just notice colors; we feel colors. They can not only reflect our mood, but often alter them as well. Every fashion decision we make has a color connection and sends a message to others that reflects our personality. Choosing colors wisely can work to your advantage because color can elevate your style game.



Savvy MSP SYSters know color can add perceived worth. Certain colors look more sophisticated and stylish, so choosing those colors can boost the look of a budget garment without adding a dime to the price tag. Understanding what message the color is sending is the key, so once again, we can make better choices and look like a million bucks without spending a fortune (can I get an Amen?).

The science behind color reveals that we interpret certain colors to mean specific things. A stunning purple blouse reflects a passinate visionary. To-die-for red shoes communicate energy, determination, and charisma. Your chocolate brown blazer tells your boss you are stabel, earthy, and reliable, while a turquoise scarf you never wear could tell others you are motivated and dynamic. Quite simply, color is an electrifying wardrobe tool that carries amazing power-yet doesn't cost a penny.

"The Power of Color" article will show you how to strategically use color in your wardrobe, how to choose complementary colors, and how to choose your best colors.


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week’s Style Mission: Wear two (or more) unrelated colors and create a “pulled together” outfit.

Wearing two (or more) colors that don’t necessarily go together can be hard to do...

Here are 4 ways to do it:

1. Wear accessories that are ALL the same color. For example, my husband and I went out to dinner on Saturday. I wore a white fitted button-down blouse and dark gray dress slacks (not too exciting, right?). To pull the look all together, I ADDED a big black stone medallion necklace and black heeled boots. The two black accessories pulled the unrelated colors together. To add some excitement and a 'splash of color' I carried a RED handbag.

2. Wear accessories with BOTH colors in them. For example, say you have a moss green pant and a textured blouse in a “bricky” red color that you want to wear together (these colors aren’t related—but opposite). Bring them together with a scarf (or showy jewelry) that has both colors in them.

3. Mix unusual colors (and unrelated ones) with unique jewelry pieces and scarves ...you will get a look that is quite chic!

4. Another trick is to match your hair color to your accessories. So, if you have black hair—wear black accessories, blonde hair wear bronze (or tan) shoes and carry a bronze (or tan) purse, etc. The common color “pulls together” your style in a very stylish way!

Love, Leslie MSP

P.S. Try one or all four of these "color" ideas this week! 

To get the look right...Repeat the color of your accessories...



What SYSters are Saying

"Act Your Age"....

Hello Leslie. 


I just finished reading last week's newsletter and took notice of your comment that someone told you to "act your age" after you posted the rock climbing photo. I wanted to say I have nothing but admiration for you for going out of your comfort zone and taking on this challenge. Who says grandmas can't be adventurous?! You earned a hearty round of applause from me.


I am a longtime subscriber and I also want to thank you for the excellent advice, inspiration and confidence your newsletters have given me over the years. I may not have the perfect body but you have helped me accept and feel good about the body I do have. 


Thank you for your work and blessings to you in the New Year. 




I love getting the MSP profile emails! I have been reading everything
 you write each week faithfully. I have made a notebook for all the
great weekly articles and style helps. I decorated a pink cover for 
the notebook. 

I wrote you an email last week and asked why you suggested a certain
 style for my body and you quickly replied to me. You knew I had not
 tried any of your suggestions and called me on it. You told me what I 
really needed to hear, get off my butt and go and DO what you say! It
 was not until you told me to go and TRY the clothes on that I really
went and did it!

 Before I was only making a notebook and loving it, but not improving 
the way I looked. I missed the most important part, using what you say and find the clothes that make me look thinner and younger. 

Yes I got
 a compliment that I look hip and younger! That is something to hear 
when you are 48 years old.

I figured I would do what I have always done, nothing. I was raised by 
my grandmother and she was one tough cookie and very stern. I know she
 felt burdened by raising me since my mother was no where to be found. 
I could never measure up to her. My way of dealing with the stress and 
lack of confidence was to do nothing. You called me on it, and I paid 
attention because you told me in such a nice way. Thank you for your
 gentle nudge!

 I am taking baby steps to follow the profile and it has helped me in
 so many ways! I am making changes that I never thought possible. 

I am
 thankful for your help.

Thank you, Shelley