1-4-21 THIS WEEK: New Year, New You

January 4, 2021, 12:04 pm by MSP


A fresh year, a new calendar, and a clean start.

However you wish to look at the start of 2021, without a doubt, it's a chance to begin again. From fitness to working on a better budget; whatever goals you wish to attain, the first of the year is a perfect time to get going.

Motivation to move. Start of the year with more movement. It does matter where you are on your fitness journey-just vow to move more. From morning power walks to daily strolls, or full-out HIIT workouts-put weekly fitness on your calendar-just like you would any appointment. When you block out the time you have the best chance for making it happen.


Fresh sneakers in a fun color is a spendid way to motivate more movement!

Nordstrom On Cloudflow Running Shoe


My goals for 2021... 

On the top of my list of goals is more yoga. Last year (about this time) I began YTT (Yoga Teacher Training).  Even though Covid stopped our training mid-stream, I did finish my 200-hour training in late August (social distanced, of course). Whether you want to teach yoga, or just deepen your yoga experience, YTT is awesome for gaining yoga knowledge (FYI: there's a lot more to it than the poses you do). I plan to continue my yoga journey this year with more weekly practices with a variety of slow-flow, vinyasa, and yin yoga.

I also picked up a paint brush. It's been over 40 years since I've done any type of art. I purchased a cheap watercolor set for when my grandchildren visit. I played around with the colors and feel in love with this medium. It tickles me how watercolors are soft and light, transparent yet vivid too. I am fasinated by how you can mix colors to express yourself. I ended up buying better paper and Winston & Newton paints. Not sure where this journey in art will take me, but I do know, it's fun to explore.

I'm baking sourdough bread. What became a comforting need early on in this pandemic, is now a lovely must-do each week. I found out how to make my own homemade starter (email me if you have any questions). I cultured the starter until it was ready, and now I make regular sourdough rustic loaves, savory sourdough bread, cinnamon spice-nut sourdough bread. It's all delicious.


2021...I will do more yoga, paint more watercolor paintings, and continue to bake homemade bread.

What will you challenge yourself with in 2021?



This week's article, "New Year, New You" will feature the latest and most exciting exercise clothes and accessories to get you out there and moving! Whatever fitness means to you-I'm here to support your style!

Add a MSP Style Membership to your New Year's Goals!

MSP's Weekly Style Mission

SYSters we are not seeing everything--and that's NOT a good thing. 

This week’s mission may scare you (it did me). It's an 'enlightening' experience, LOL!


This week's Style Mission is to purchase a magnifying mirror (preferably one that lights up)

A good magnifying mirror allows you to see your face up-close...really, really close. This is the only way to know if your skin could use some exfoliating, if there are a few stray hairs on your chin, too much peach fuzz or if your eyebrows need reshaping or a few unruly ones need plucking. You can even check if your makeup is on evenly (like your eyeliner) like you THINK it is. The truth is in the SEEing!

Love, Leslie MSP


What SYSters Are Saying

Dear Leslie,

Thank you for helping this 50-something, frugal, fashion-challenged woman to look and feel much better.  I had not properly shopped for clothing for many years, though I had a closet stuffed with cheap impulse purchases.  I recently lost weight and needed to update my wardrobe.  It was difficult to spend the money on quality items, but your advice guided me well.  Now my closet is not stuffed, my wardrobe consists of beautiful, high-quality basics, and I look and feel more polished.  It’s a real confidence booster.

I will probably never be a great shopper, but my advice for others who hesitate to spend is that you will get to a point where you feel you've covered the basics.  Now instead of trying to grab some bargain sweaters at store sales, I'm looking for a nice black blazer.  While there was an initial investment, there is also a very practical pay-off in being able to maintain an organized, versatile wardrobe and being able to pull together an attractive, appropriate outfit for any occasion. 

So my conclusions: Missus Smarty Pants made me feel frivolous at first, but no more.  And feeling younger and more confident?  Definitely YES and that is priceless!

Thanks, Cindy



Dear MSP, I was recently told by my boyfriend that he considered the way I dressed and my clothing "stylish"! I lost 100lbs last year and joined MissusSmartyPants.com last year. WooHoo! Because of the reasonable approach your blog, meaning for average women on budgets, I have managed to replace my wardrobe and not bankrupt myself. Thank you for all you do; especially the inspiration and confidence I've gained. I now know it's not my body that is "wrong" if the garment doesn't fit. Now I enjoy looking for "my" garment.



Hi MSP, 
Thanks for offering the Seasonal Color ID. I am happy to know I’m definitely a winter -- I thought about all the times I had worn tops that got lots of compliments, and they were all times when I was wearing the winter colors!  

Now I have to purge my closet of all those colors that don’t make me feel like a million bucks!  I printed out the winter color chart on a piece of photo paper, cut it out and laminated it --- it is now the PERFECT size to keep in my wallet and take with me when I go shopping!  I love it!

Thanks for all your help! Gina