11-2-20 THIS WEEK: Casual and Chic

November 2, 2020, 9:40 am by MSP


Chic and Casual

How can these two words "casual and chic" be in the same sentence? Usually casual means dressed down and comfortable, while chic refers to stylish and elegant. Casual and chic combined means you get the best of both worlds. It's a blend of comfortable along with just the right amount of elegance. 

Casual and chic style means you "get it". You get how to put together casual and chic into your outfits thanks to MissusSmartyPants. You will find yourself having lots of "Aha" moments with your casual style when you follow this 3-step plan.

Putting together casual outfits that have a touch of elegance that are based on your body type will energize you like nothing else. You will be able to put together casual and chic into outfits that aren't boring or sloppy; instead they totally rock-and so does your style confidence!


No matter your age, shape, size, or unique proportions... 

Nothing feels better than rocking fab style!!!



MissusSmartyPants.com offers practical advice.

This week: See how to use 3-step process to create your own brand of casual-chic!


Since most women have a casual lifestyle a majority of the time, it's only fitting (pun intended) that this week's concentration is on "casual attire". We all want to look our best even though we don't dress up that much. However, sometimes our casual outfit is a wee-bit too casual, and perhaps even sloppy. Not anymore! 

Learn how to put together casual-chic outfits. There are three (3) keys factors every casual-chic outfit should contain. This week, I'll break down the "how to's". You'll learn what every casual-chic look MUST contain--and what to avoid to get your look just right. As always, there will be lots of photos. That's right...REAL STYLE ADVICE YOU CAN USE! 


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week: Wear a brooch! 

Brooches are oh-so fun to wear. Yet, most women overlook them and never wear them. This is so sad, but we can change that.

Talk about a conversation starter...a pretty brooch will get you lots of attention (so be prepared)!

MSP's favorite: Dressing backwards. One day this week, create an outfit around a brooch you are planning to wear. I call this method 'dressing backwards'...because instead of planning what you wear first---THEN accessorizing; you START by selecting your brooch first (or other unique accessory) THEN plan what you are going to wear with it. In other words, start with your brooch (or other accessory) then choose what you'll wear with it. <cool idea, huh?>


5 ways a brooch can spark creativity in your outfit...     



Wear a brooch! You are only limited by your imagination, so let your creative juices flow!


Here are 8 ways to wear a brooch:

_Wear one on your denim jacket (one of my favorite ways-the sparklier the better)

_Perch it up high on your shoulder 

_On your winter hat or knit cap

_At your bust on your shirt or sweater

_Pin it onto a neck scarf (helps hold your scarf in place)

_In your hair (either pinned to a hair tie OR on a headband) 

_Pin your brooch onto your handbag

_Pin on your multi-strand necklace


How are you going to wear your brooch this week? Share how with us how you wore yours...at the MissusSmartyPants Facebook Fanpage


What SYSters are Saying


"Ankle pants for petites?"

Hi Leslie, I wanted to ask your opinion about ankle length pants for petites. I see that you recommend that petites wear a longer length pant (in the special "Petites and Talls" info). I do feel more comfortable in longer lengths, but with so many ankle pants on the market now, I just wondered what your advice would be.  Blessings, Toni 



Dear Toni,

That's a great question! When you are petite, you want to visually lengthen your body as much a possible. This means a longer straight-leg pant creates a longer vertical line on your body. This  will always be your best pant style. This style advice never goes out of style. However, in style right now are ankle (or cropped) pant lengths. The best way for a petite woman to wear this shorter pant length is to wear a heeled shoe in the same color as the pant-or avoid this style all together. Hope that helps!

Love, Leslie MSP



MSP: I am loving the more detailed style articles lately! 


Since subscribing, using your advice has helped me pare down and revamp my wardrobe. I am finally wearing clothes that look great and project the look I want. These in depth articles are really helping me to polish my look and I have been getting compliments left and right that usually have the word "gorgeous" and "classy" in them. As a tired busy lady with a fuller figure, it has been years since I've gotten feedback like that. But it has helped me to remember how vibrant and choosy I used to be with my appearance.



I joined MSP because I needed help dressing my new shape after two kids and I realized I rarely took the time to look put together unless it was required.  Now I feel confident because I know everything in my closet looks good on me. Not to mention the colors! What a difference a color palette makes! You were the first to tell me I am a Winter and I doubted at first, but once I gave the Winter palette a try, I was amazed at how it made by skin glow and hair shine.  Thanks for the inspiration and the patience to be picky until I find the items and colors that enhance me the way I am right now.  -Chelsey