10-22-20 Wearing Unexpected Color Combinations

October 22, 2020, 9:18 am by MSP


Dress chic!


Pair blue and black together! By pairing colors together that are not traditionally ones that you think “go together” you’ll find you are tapping into new chic way of dressing. Use these guidelines below to help you (also use these suggestions for pairing brown and black together, bright pink with red, charcoal gray and tan).


Here's 4 tips for creating chic color combinations successfully...


1. Keep the colors deep. Pair rich black and dark blue together. Faded items don’t work as well.


2. One item should have texture. Texture adds depth (and interest). For example, black pants look fabulous with an iridescent ink-blue top. You can also look for woven fabrics, perhaps suede, or even a colorful scarf to bring the two colors together.


3. Repeat the black or dark blue with another item. Repeating one of the colors (like the same color in all of the accessories) pulls the look all together. For example, adding a black belt to a dark blue top and black pant.


4. Add white or cream. Adding a white or cream item or accessory lightens up all the darkness! How about a pearl and silver necklace?



STYLE TIP: Left: Start by wearing a black top with dark-washed denims and then add another item, either black or deep blue like with your shoes.

Center: Mix cranberry with dark navy.

Right: Wear all navy with turquoise accessories.


Give this ‘advanced color-mixing’ trick a try!