10-15-20 Fall Scarf Wearing Ideas

October 15, 2020, 9:45 am by MSP


It's fall, y'all. It's scarf season! One of the best accessories (especially in cooler months) are scarves. Having said that, after awhile wearing scarves the same way over and over gets rather dull. How else how can you wear your scarf? What unique ways can you tie your scarves so that you create fun and interest to what you're wearing?

I'll continue to share how I wear scarves throughout this fall season. However, Nordstrom did a fabulous job of showing how to tie a scarf: 4 scarves, 16 ways! Here is the link a short 3 minute video that will surely liven up your fall wardrobe. FYI: my favorite is the Pretzel (it's the second scarf tied on this video).

Check out these awesome scarf tying ideas! Nordstrom Scarf Tying 16 Ways