10-13-20 THIS WEEK: Hide a Tummy & Back Fat

October 12, 2020, 9:13 am by MSP


It's a new week at MissusSmartyPants! 

And this week I'm thrilled to share with you: THE top secrets to looking fab in your clothes. So, get ready...because these tips will revolutionize the way you dress...they are game-changers, style wise!


By far the most common (and irritating dressing concerns) women have is: Hiding muffin tops and back fat

This week we banish them both...forever!


Yup, this week's topic sure does sound unbelievable..."How to Banish Back Fat & Muffin Tops-Forever". However, you and I both know the truth... there is no magic wand that will instantly erase tummy bulges and back fat. What we can do is dress in clever ways that hide and minimize these areas. Just a few adjustments with your wardrobe is all that's required. Get ready: this week change the way you dress and improve your image at the same time!

Relax, no new exercise or diet routine needed...I've got better ideas of how you can look fantastic. This week's style article (posted this Thursday in all 5 member Personal Profile pages) concentrates on styles that actually "slim" you. These are the style tools you need to change how you look in your clothes. 

So, say, "Adios, ciao, auf wiedersehen" to muffin tops and back fat issues! These tips are what you need to look your best. 


Re-invent your style... Get help with MissusSmartyPants!

MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week's Style Mission is: Wear an A-line skirt.

This wardrobe basic is one of the best figure fixers a woman can own. Whether your hips are slim, or full and curvy; A-line skirts make your figure look better proportioned.

This week wear an A-link skirt and you'll be reminded of how wonderful (and balanced) you can feel when dressed well.

If you don't own an A-line skirt, put it on the top of your must-have list! This skirt offers versatility. You can wear this skirt to work with pumps or, dress it down for the weekend with playful flats (as shown below).


Look for an A-line skirt that goes with EVERYTHING (and travels well)...like this one!

Talbots Tie Waist Denim Skirt-petite, misses, plus sizes


What SYSters are Saying


Thank you, Missus Smarty Pants!  

Due to some "bumps" in the road of life, I gained some weight and was feeling lousy about myself. I took last week's personal shopping guide and actually BOUGHT myself one of the dresses recommended (in a size larger than I usually wear) and I look FABULOUS!  The recommended dress really suits my current shape and I feel like a million bucks thanks to YOU!  
I love that the weekly clothing recommendations bounce around between various retailers - I may not be able to buy something THIS week... but maybe NEXT week... either way, it keeps me moving in a positive direction - Keep those recommendations coming and THANK YOU for all you do!
Fluttering in Framingham 

Dear Leslie,

I was a tad skeptical about getting a subscription to your personal fashion advice. But I thought for $15 that I would spend on something else, why not?

I have been ill and on medication for several years, the medication made me gain 18 pounds in a week. Depression, overeating, not being able to be active, boredom, overeating more, I gained another 60 pounds in 2 years. I work from home so don't need to "dress nice". My husband and I run a business from home and don't make much money for extras like clothes.
Really long story short, we got paid for a good sized job and I took $125 and went shopping after purging 4 kitchen bags full of clothes out of the closet.  I came back with one pair of great fitting trousers, a dressy blouse, colored shell and over blouse. Not bad considering nothing in 4 stores even came close to my style. Several didn't have my size, and when I did find clothes to buy, I wanted them to feel good and be able to wear them not waste more money on clothes I don't wear. I wanted to feel good in them, and I do. Everything was 75% off the original prices, so I actually got a retail of over $400 in clothes.
Everything I purchased goes with what I have left in my closet and can be worn to run errands for the business, go to customer’s homes, or out to dinner.

So, for my first three months investment in your program, I have not only saved the $300 in clothes, but I feel good, great in fact, about how I look. Because I'm dressing for me right now, not being depressed about the way I used to look or will "someday" look.
So thank you for not only the "fashion" advice, but the inspiration of dressing for my body right now, not putting it off until "someday when I get thin again" thinking. I'm feeling healthier and the circle continues. The better I feel about myself, the more motivated I am to loose more weight, but in the mean time, I'm dressing for me, right now, the size I am.


Love, Kathy


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