9-8-20 THIS WEEK: Fall Preview-part 1

September 8, 2020, 10:48 am by MSP


It's time to prep your wardrobe for fall. 

Whether you are planning a complete revamp, or just wanting to add-in a few new items this season; you'll want MSP's handy fall guide: "Fall Preview 2020".

This fall-winter style guide will quickly become your 'go-to' reference for all things related to style. This guide is for planning your fall wardrobe as well as for editing your current wardrobe

The Fall Preview 2020 is full of the latest trends and colors to help you update your closet. From the latest "must-have" accessories to the latest in fall fashions...you'll have everything you need to have a stylish fall season.


Make smarter wardrobe choices by staying up-to-date with MSP's Fall Preview 2020.



"The Fall Preview 2020"

This is the best fall guide ever! 


There will be two parts to the fall preview. Part 1 (this week) and Part 2 (next week)

This allows for more in-depth style information. Don't miss out! With more photos for each selection as well as "how to wear this trend", the fall preview guides give you more in-depth information and download quicker.

Plan for fall now. Fall merchandise is arriving in the stores and online, and this means it's the perfect time to begin planning (and dreaming) about which new boots, fuzzy sweaters and other fall favorites you want to add to your wardrobe.


Update your style with this Fall Fashion Guide...

New fun trends + things from last fall you can still wear! 

Find out this week what to keep (and still wear) + what to remove from your closet. 


Get started today! Improve your style with a MSP Personal Profile + The Fall Preview Guide for 2020!


MSP's Weekly Style Mission

In honor of the back-to-school...this week we go back-to-basics!

This week, think about what 'basics' you are still missing from either your closet or makeup drawer. This week is the week to get ONE item you really, really need. Don't forget to mark what you get off your list you keep in your handbag!


Here are some suggestions of items your makeup drawer or closet might still need:


__A decent set of makeup brushes (these ones are inexpensive!)




__Smooth Edge (no-VPL) Panties


__Get fitted for a new bra ( so you'll look "lifted" and smoother in your clothes!)



__Update your handbag to something colorful and fun for fall. (This one will instantly jazz up anything you wear!)




These suggestions below won't cost you a thing, yet they'll get you prepared for the new season


__Take to the tailors that one item you still need to have hemmed up (or taken in or out)


__Update your "Style File" to include the latest style inspirations from MSP and mail catalogs, etc. (this helps you see a pattern of what you like)


__Window shop & take notes or snap pictures with your "smart phone" when you see outfits you really love and want to 'copy' in the future.


__Do that closet purge...finally! Commit 1/2 a day and get in there and try on lots of clothes. Make 3 piles. Follow this advice: MSP's How to Purge Your Closet.


__Perhaps there is something else you need or want to do to make daily dressing easier for you. Get it this week.


Love, Leslie MSP


Want to feel energized again? Do this!

Dear SYSters,

I've always touted the energized feeling you get when you've accomplished a closet purge. It continues to amaze me how great we will feel when we get control of our messy closet! Don't you love that feeling? Do you know it will help make style fun again?

I've had many SYSters write and say that the 1 thing that really got them excited about their style again was cleaning out their closet! It's so true! Once you remove the clutter and edit through your closet...what remains is what you are currently wearing all the time. Getting the clutter out gets you excited about your style all over again. Clutter=Chaos...remove it and your spirit will be renewed.

Recently I ran across an article from Real Simple about ways to increase your "energy level". Isn't that something we are often searching for in our lives...ways to put more spring in our step? Among the suggestions was to eat a colorful breakfast, shake up your routine, get moving more and also they suggested you should "edit your closet"! So true! If your closet is stuffed full of clothes not being worn...your energy is being zapped on a daily basis!!!


From the magazine Real Simple: How to Increase Your Energy Level:

Edit your closet. If you think just picking an outfit is exhausting, there‚Äôs now research to confirm it: In a 2008 study led by the University of Minnesota, students faced with multiple choices had less physical stamina and were more likely to procrastinate. When it comes to choosing what to wear (not to mention making other life decisions), try to limit yourself to fewer than 10 options, says Barry Schwartz, a professor of psychology at Swarthmore College, in Swarthmore, Penn. 


What SYSters are Saying

Not sure if a Style Membership is worth it? The results speak for themselves. READ this story: https://www.missussmartypants.com/index.php?route=blog/blog/view&blog_id=590&page=1 


Dear Leslie,

Since March, I've lost almost 50 lb.  As you can imagine, I pretty much needed an entire new wardrobe.  I checked out your site and signed up for a personal profile, and I also ordered the Style Recipes eBook.  I love both, but the recipe ebook gave me a really great place to start revamping my wardrobe.  After purging my closet of numerous bags of clothes that no longer fit, I printed off the "Essential Basics" checklist to take shopping with me.  I followed the recipe ebook advice and came up with a basic color palette (for me, black, white, tan, gray, turquoise and lime green).  So now everything goes with everything and mixing and matching is easy.  I'm amazed at how easy getting dressed in the morning has become.  I actually look forward to it!

Now that I have the basics covered, I'm looking forward to using the personal profile to add more fun pieces to my wardrobe.  

Thanks for helping me get started on a whole new me! Jody S


P.S Here is the link to MSP's "Style Recipes" eBook that will quickly improve your style: Style Recipes: 25 Items, 100 ways to wear them!



Dear Leslie, 

I've subscribed to your Personal Profile system for about two years now and want to share with you another way I utilize the weekly MissusSmartyPants Personal Profile. Before MSP, my wardrobe mostly consisted of dark, baggy clothes in hopes of covering up the fact I was overweight.  Now, based on your wonderful advice, I'm proud to wear closer fitting clothes in a variety of colors that are good for me. 

I found another great way to use your weekly profile suggestions.  I print out the last page, the "MissusSmartyPants Selects" which shows an outfit recommended by you that includes clothing, shoes and accessories. I place the sheet inside a clear page protector, punch a hole in the margin, and hang my collection on a jump ring! I keep these hanging near my closet to give me ideas for putting together an outfit I wouldn't think of doing myself.

I'm currently in a weight loss program and have lost 10 lbs. The incentive behind my becoming healthier has lots to do with how I feel about myself since I've learned how to dress for my body shape and size! So thank you for that. 

I've had lots of fun mixing and matching different outfits rather than being in a rut. Thanks so much for all your great advice and encouragement!