9-8-20 "How I Took My Style to a Whole New Level"

September 8, 2020, 10:31 am by MSP


Dear MSP,

First of all, I'd like to thank you for your brilliant content!  When a friend recommended this service and even sent me a gift certificate, I hesitated to start the subscription for quite a while because I assumed it would only be about new trends and all this stuff I needed to buy (and couldn't afford). I was pleasantly surprised to find it extremely practical and interesting advice for dressing for your body type, visual balance, what draws the eye to where, color, etc., as well as lots of new ideas for putting together things I already owned. 
Before, I wouldn't have described myself as frumpy, but the past couple years or so, I have spent perhaps the least in my life on clothes due to very tight finances, and yet I've been getting lots of compliments on my outfits, often by putting together things I never thought to put together. And I really had thought I didn't have much to work with! (My favorite style is the "casual yet chic" look!)  I had thought I was pretty good about stretching my wardrobe, but you took it to a new level, along with my style!  Thanks for helping me dress confidently instead of feeling sorry about myself for dressing as if I'm poor.
Thank you!
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"A Grateful SYSter" 
MSP HERE: Dear Grateful SYSter,
Thank you for your kind and thoughtful email. I love hearing how you have revamped your style, now feel more confident in your clothes...plus, you hardly spent any money in the process. That's what a MSP Personal Profile is all about: using your current wardrobe and learning how to work it!
Love, Leslie MSP