8-10-20 THIS WEEK: It's Closet Clean Out Week

August 10, 2020, 2:51 pm by MSP


Closet decluttering can be a life long struggle. It was for me...until I started dressing using capsule wardrobes. Prior to capsule wardrobes, I’d go through my clothes each season, rearrange my closet, remove a few things, and then add in even more. I felt I needed to welcome a season by going shopping for more clothes. Do you see the vicious cycle I had going on?

Finally last year, I decided to clean out my closet for good; and when I did, a lot of questions and suppressed emotions came bubbling up:

Guilt: “Why did I spend so much on things I ended up not wearing?” 

Irritation: “Am I going to have to do this all over again in 6 months?”

Panic: “If I let it go, will I miss it, and I might not have enough to wear.”

After repeating the same closet scenario every season (for years) I made some changes. If your closet decluttering (and/or storage) issues are feeling like a vicious cycle to you as well, clean out your closet once and for all-like I did.

Use this step-by-step process to clean out your closet. This might be the last time you ever need to <grin>


1. Mark on your calendar a day for your closet clean out. (It's a great way to beat the summer heat. Spend some time inside getting your closet in order. Depending on how much decluttering is needed, you may need only half a day. Get a sitter if needed, clear out the time and-just do it.

2. Turn up the music. Seriously, music gets you going. It also can soothe you. Turn on your favorite upbeat (or calming) music, and get going. 

3. Take everything out of your closet. Yes, completely empty--out--your--closet. Move everything onto your bed (or to another room if you have a lot of stuff). By doing this, you'll be motivated to complete this project before bedtime.

4. Vacuum your your empty closet, wipe clean the walls (paint a new color?) perhaps, add a few hooks for clothing/accessories.


Go through all the clothes now on your bed. Sort into 4 piles onto your bedroom floor:

_I Love Them Pile: I love these items. They fit well and I wear them often.

_Maybe Pile: I want to keep this but I don’t know why. (you know you have those items)

_Donate Pile: These items don’t fit my body or my lifestyle.

_Trash Pile: These items are super worn and in poor condition.


Sort everything until your bed is clear and everything is sorted into 1 of the 4 piles on the floor.

Bag up items for the donate pile and put them in your car to take to your local charity.

Throw out all the too worn out clothes in your trash.

Now, take a second look at your 2 remaining piles of the clothes that will return to your closet. Ask yourself: 1. If I was shopping today, would I purchase this item? 2. Do I see myself wearing this item in the next 2-3 months? If the answers are "no" to these 2 questions...add them to the donate pile. Be ruthless here.  Everything that passed the test should now be put everything back into your closet. 

RELAX. You've done it!


Closet now decluttered? Awesome. You are ready for wardrobe capsules! With the remaining clothes, you're ready to make (life changing) wardrobe capsules. Everything you need to help you create your capsules (for year-round, dressy or casual, and for any climate) are included in my new eBook: The Ultimate Caspule Wardrobe

With an organized closet, use the eBook's sample capsules, lists, and charts to start dressing more stylish with the clothes that now remain (you know, the clothes you regularly wear).

In this week's article, I share-my summer capsule(s) and show photos of my closet clean out. This week's article, "A Closet Clean Out"...will motivate you to make some serious changes with your closet-and in the process improve your style!


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

Since this week's topic is about cleaning out closets and I'm sharing the best ways to get it done (plus showing you my own closet-CLEANED OUT)...this week's style mission just makes sense.

After using this week's article and cleaning out your closet (even if it's only one section at a time) make your very own "summer uniform".


Style Mission: create a summer capsule...



What SYSters are Saying

Dearest MSP,

About 6 months ago I purchased my personal profile (I'm a very curvy B) and learned a lot but didn't put any of it into practice until about 3 months ago.
Finally, after years of HATING my body and crying whenever I tried clothes on in a dressing room, I am able to look in the mirror and stand tall! I accept the flaws with the idea that I can improve by going to the gym and, more importantly, I can finally ACCEPT that I have assets as well.
This is HUGE for me because I am finally able to take pride in my appearance instead of just throwing on whatever was available. I’ve now lost almost 20 lbs because I’m more aware of my body and want to take care for it. Wow your style help was the turning point for me!
Thank you so much for encouraging me to love my shape. Deb