7-20-20 THIS WEEK: 5 Minute Fast-Outfit Templates + Wardrobe Grid (print out)

July 20, 2020, 2:40 pm by MSP


Five Minute Fast- 5 Outfit Templates

Pressed for time...again?

Urgh! It's so frustrating when you are running late and can't find anything to wear! When mornings begin like this, it sets a negative tone to your day. It also can make you feel out-of-sync when you look un-styled all day.

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up and know you've already got something fabulous to wear? You already know your outfit is planned and set aside. There is no rush to your mornings, and they are relatively stress-free because you used "MSP's template" way of dressing.

Got 5 minutes? Perfect. That's all the time you need with MSP's summer templates. In five minutes fast-you're ready with a stylish outfit. TRY IT & SEE!


This week, you get MY "Five Minute Fast" outfits, piece by piece...


+ Included is this Outfit Building Grid (full size) Just copy & print. 

Use this print-out Grid in your very own closet...



Perfect for now and later. This outfit grid (included in this week's article) is the perfect tool for creating summer outfits, packing for a trip, or planning early fall outfits (when the weather begins to change). Having the right style "Tools" will help you update your style!

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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

Here's the email that prompted this Style Mission. 

Hello Leslie,

I've been a subscriber for many, many years and I still love all your articles and advice.  I'm always learning something new (which, by the way, is another thing that keeps you young).
Here is my tip now that I've turned 70 (! how did that happen?).  Use sunscreen every day, 365 days a year.  Make it your morning habit just like brushing your teeth.  
I've been using a UV moisturizer since I was 35 and it has made a huge difference in preventing wrinkles.  BUT I was neglecting my neck and chest.  I like to wear V neck shirts in summer and the sun has taken a toll there. It's never too late to start.  There are so many sunscreens available now.  Find one you like to use and use it!
FYI: This isn't a picture of me (below) but this is what it looks like. A tan becomes wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.
It is so much easier to prevent sun damage than to try to reverse it later.
Photo: 52 year old woman with sun damage on chest (looks all too familiar, right?)
  • Minimize unnecessary sun exposure
  • Use a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher every day
  • Reapply sunscreen after swimming or sweating
  • Wear 100% UV protection sunglasses
  • Wear tight-weave clothing for extra cover
  • Reapply often and generously, every 3 hours is recommended
  • Avoid mid-day sun between 10am-2pm
  • Seek out shade or make the “umbrella-look” your new thing
Just thought I'd share this for all the SYSters out there. So toss this in every time you think of it...
Love as always,

Style Mission: This week buy a bottle of new sunscreen. Look for a sunscreen product with SPF 30, or better-and use it everyday.

Need a few more tips on sun damage and skin? Read this article about skincare for the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's. Are you doing the right things to keep your skin looking its best? Three top dermotologist are interviewed in this article in Parade magazine. 

Here's the full link, if you prefer to copy and paste:  



Dear Leslie MSP...

Dear Leslie,

My husband's first wife bought anything that was in a sale and most of it went unworn. He's amazed that (because of your guidance) I can walk into a store, hone in on the colours that suit me, then on to the styles and will walk away if there's nothing that's right (or that I can't wear in 3 ways or in combination with other things that I own). He's also still amazed that I can reach into my wardrobe and pull out a "gorgeous" (his word) outfit at the drop of a hat. Thank you Sue


Hi Leslie!


I have been a member for a while. I was catching up with the last couple of week’s posts and discovered a reference to your wardrobe plan. I had missed this before! Finally I know what is good to keep! Now that the charity shops here in the UK are opening up again I can now have a go at all my clothes! Many thanks! I once read a suggestion about baby stepping to clearing your wardrobe. I think this is a great idea! Many thanks! Di



Thank you for helping me conquer the closet dilemma of too many clothes but nothing to wear. I did the closet purge and it was quite liberating as the majority of my clothing did not make me happy when I wore it.  Using my new personal profile, I took myself shopping and purchased 4 basic pieces for my wardrobe.  I was excited to even buy what I had always considered a no-no... white crop pants!

I am an E and quite large.  I have always heard that I should never wear white pants.  I am happy to report that last Monday when I wore my new white pants and new turquoise tunic top to work (we are a casual dress office mostly) I received so many compliments!  Yeah me!  I can wear white pants now and feel pretty.  

Thank you so much.  Your fashion advice is priceless! Cathy


MSP HERE: Cathy,


You are doing such a good job on your style journey!! Go YOU!!! 


It’s all about trying the suggestions for your body type—I won’t lead you astray, I promise. Wearing the right styles matters to all 5 body types. I show you how.


Nice fitting basics that mix and match, makes you look like you have an extensive wardrobe-when what you really are is a smarter shopper! 


Remember to use accessories to change the look around.

Keep up the good work, and congrats on seeing the pretty woman you have always been!


Love, Leslie MSP


"Is it possible to change color seasons?"

Dear Leslie,

I always thought I was a warm spring, but now that I'm over 50 I am not so sure. I think some of the colors I wear no longer look good. Is it possible to change color seasons?
Thanks for all you do! 

Your SYS, Lois


MSP HERE: Dear Lois,

Yes, it’s possible to change color seasons. What happens is as we age, our skintone, hair and eyes soften. Especially after menopause when we lose estrogen and we become “less warm”.

Try a slighter cooler version of some of the colors you normally wear. You may want to have a new color analysis done. It's possible to change color seasons completely.

Love, Leslie MSP